Moving Forward by Israel Houghton
It’s A New Season by Martha Munizzi and Israel Houghton
I woke up this morning and as the tears began to fill my pillow I found myself dealing with so many mixed emotions. I couldn’t believe that what seemed so far away is actually here, but while at the same time the things that I thought would last forever have come to a close. I realized that as I go through this transition there are somethings that I am going to have to deal with as I am mentally, emotionally and physically closing out somethings before entering into this next season. Transition is closing of one season and the opening of another. Transition is not always easy because in order for you to walk fully into the next season WE have to bring closure to what was to be able to properly transition. If we don’t we will enter into our next season with our last. Deal with whatever or whomever hurt you, caused you pain, the things that didn’t work out, whatever the thing(s) you may have loss. What was is no longer. A lot of us physically move forward but mentally and emotionally we are still trapped in yesterday. Whatever you have to do to bring closure, do it. Do it so you can be delivered,  be set free, live in peace and  walk in TOTAL VICTORY in this next season. Bitter sweet moment, but I’m dealing with it and I’m leaving it all at the foot of Jesus Christ. Better days are ahead and I’m moving foward.#CLEANTHISHOUSE

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