Unnecessary Clutter

I Will Run by Freddy Rodriguez
Take Me To The King by Tamela Mann
As I was cleaning out my apartment just when I thought that I was done I would come across more stuff. At this point I want to throw it all away because I don’t want to go through the process of cleaning it out. I realized that each item is connected to a memory and not everything needs to be thrown away. There is still value that lies in the midst of the clutter. The things that accumulate over the years. Had I done the necessary cleaning through out the years it wouldn’t be so much to go through, throw away or deal with. In life we tend to clutter our minds and our hearts with unneccasary stuff which over a period of time will become cluttered. We are then unable to think clearly, our hearing becomes off and our vision becomes blurred.  The battle begans in the mind which gives the signal to the rest of our body. Whatever you feed the most is what will grow.#CLEANTHISHOUSE

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