The Oven Cleaner

You Have My Heart by Farris Long

Nobody Greater by Vashawn Mitchell

I was starting to clean out the oven in the apartment and Wow what a challenge this is going to be. I have never had to clean out an oven before, thank God for that, so I’m clueless.  My mother told me exactly what to do. So I started spraying the oven immediately. It immediately foamed up and dirt began to surface, but the fumes OMG! So as I let it set I began to clean up else where. When I came back to it was filthy and had picked up so much stuff. I kept rinsing the rag repeatedly until the water was clear, but to my surprise there was still a lot left in the oven because I had only scratched the surface of what remained. So in order for me to get rid of what was left I was going to have to continually repeat the process so it would be completely clean to where there is almost no evidence or trace of it being used. Most of us have only scratched the surface of what had happened in our life. Though we came out of the fire, we made it through the storm and rain we are now only surviving because that’s what we have been taught. We didn’t deal with the damaged it caused or the residue it left behind. So when the next storms come we go into survival mode, but what it left begins to pile up and now we are trying to recover from all. Had we only done the proper maintenance after each storm.  #CLEANTHISHOUSE

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