Something In Me Refused To Die

I Shall Live by Jason Nelson

I had finished cleaning up the apartment for the most part, my car was getting detailed and everyone else was gone. So as I was sitting there waiting I realized I had awhile yet before my car was going to be ready and I no longer wanted to sit here. I had emotionally and mentally dealt with everything so being in the apartment no longer held the same substance. What once was a place full of life was now empty. So I went to see if my neighbor would take me up the street so that I could get something to eat. She gave me the keys to her car and said I could use it as long as I needed to. Reluctantly I said ok, inside I was scared to get in it. She was a sweet older lady that would do anything for anybody if she could and it was nice of her to offer me her car, but I thought about how small her car was compared to mine. I already started feeling smothered and I hadn’t even got in the car yet. I have very long legs, inside her car looked cluttered and the thought of having to drive something other than mine. I got in the car and tried to adjust myself, but no matter how much I adjusted myself the more uncomfortable I felt. It is just like us how we continue to live in situations and circumstances that we know we have out grown to the point that we have become uncomfortable. God gives us the necessary  tools to get out, to overcome, but yet we stay in bondage, in a tight place, a ucomfortable place when God has called us out. It’s just like the elephant who was chained with a ball at his leg and even when he was set free he still would only go as far as the chain would allow him to go. Though physically he had been set free mentally he was still bound to the chains. There had to be a renewing of the mind. When I was going through what I called my wilderness experience I had a choice which was to LIVE or DIE. When I made the choice to LIVE and not just exist that meant I had to change and it all began with the way I was thinking.  “And be not conformed to this world but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind” Romans 12:2 When my way of thinking changed, it changed my thought process,  which then changed my whole life.#CLEANTHISHOUSE

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