Identity Theft

Lord Make Me Over by the Walls Group

Identity by James Fortune

The thing that I have learned most when everything was stripped from my life was the fact that I found “ME”For most of my life I was wrapped up in the identity and opinions of others and who “they” thought I should be; therefore, instead of becoming a God chaser I became a people pleaser that eventually stripped me of who I really was.I felt like the caterpillar who went through the metamorphosis stage which on the outside wasn’t a pretty sight while on the inside it was a painful process transforming from what was to what she was called to be.Most of us will never have or be more than what we are right now because we 1. Want die to ourselves 2. Refuse to change our frame of mind 3. Want go through the process John 10:10 “I came that you might have life and that you might have life more abundantly.”Abundance is more than materialistic gain, but what about wisdom, joy, peace and freedom that NO ONE can take from you.I feel like the butterfly that is slowly coming out of her cocoon.NEW LIFE is beginning for me.#CLEANTHISHOUSE

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