Don’t Go Uncovered

Cover Me by 21:03

I was cleaning out the microwave it wasn’t as bad as I thought but there was still residue of food in certain areas. I always tell my children to make sure they cover their plates with a paper towel to protect their food and from food splattering all over the microwave. I almost became disgusted when I thought about when you’re reheating your food and it goes uncovered the potential of food that was left in the microwave and had been reheated numerous times fall on your food. I never thought about that until now. It’s amazing how we go from day-to-day uncovered, unprotected and put ourselves at a greater risk of not only injuring others but ourselves even more if we are already broken or wounded. We put ourselves at risk of an infection or contamination because we left ourselves open and exposed to anything. If we don’t take the time to daily clean ourselves from the inside out instead of walking around acting like everything is ok not only will we be damaged goods but then we put others at risk of being harmed. Whatever you do before going out COVER UP!

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