Shinning In The Midst of a Dark Place

With You by James Fortune

We were leaving out one morning and I realized how dark it is now. When we first moved into our new home I realized we had NO street lights and it was pitch dark. I would have to turn on the porch light so we could see. So I went to get some of the lights that you stick in the ground to keep you from stumbling in the dark or fall off into the ditch. I asked one of the sales clerk for assistance because I had no idea how to use them. I asked him what kind of batteries do you use when they go out and he said that they are solar so they charge in the light during the day. It is amazing that we know that night is coming, but what do we do to prepare for it? We get comfortable and relaxed in the day time when things are well that we don’t take the time to build up our strength through fasting, through prayer and reading God’s word that when night comes we are still stumbling in the dark. I put the lights in the ground right before it was getting dark and I noticed how they started flickering one at a time until it was strong enough to stand on its own and it would shine bright.  When I would drive around the corner and though the lights were small because it’s light shinned bright I could see it a far off.#CLEANTHISHOUSE

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