Don’t Judge A Book By It’s Cover

/>Follow You by Todd Dulaney

A couple of days ago my front desk received a new credit card machine. I had the option to take the new one or to keep the old one and of course with the excitement of it being “new” I took that one. It was smaller than the other one, had new fancy gadgets and because it was “new” it probably was more efficient. The 1st day I noticed that in fact it was faster in speed but every time I made a transaction it went off-line and had to reconnect again before accepting the transaction. Then today I made an error in the dollar amount and needed to void the transaction which was a longer process in itself. On the older cc machine all I had to do was press void and enter the ref#. Well with the “new” one there was no void nor cancel button. In fact I had to call the 1-800# to get help with making a void transaction. What I thought would be an easier, quicker or more efficient process ended up adding a lot of unnecessary steps all because I judged a book by its cover thinking it would be better and actually it wasn’t. Now I’m stuck with it. It is just like us in life we up grade our cars, our homes, our churches, our friends, our spouse or our relationships all because we think the grass is greener on the other side when in actuality it’s not. Don’t get me wrong , some up grades are necessary. It’s all how we look and value what we have. Like a house that over time builds up equity we look at it as a debt instead of an investment. In a relationship we only scratch the surface of who they really are because it is too much work, but if we ever dug beneath the surface, underneath the dirt and hit the core of who they really are we would find we have a diamond in the rough, a jewel of great value. If we can ever learn to take care of our own grass flowers will grow eventually. #CLEANTHISHOUSE

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