Go Through The Process

Overcome by New Life Worship

 Yesterday when I went to get my mail I received something from the Red Light Enforcement Program. Scratching my head I opened it up and there were 3 shots of my car which included one of my licenses tag. Apparently I was being issued a ticket for running the red light. Right! With my mouth wide open all I could say was WOW! I remembered the moment very well as if it were yesterday. I was trying to get to my destination by a certain time and as I approached the light and it was turning yellow instead of my cautioning to stop I put the petal to the metal thinking I had a little more time and went straight through the light. Speed doesn’t mean progress and nor will it insure you to get to your destination any quicker. I still would have had to go through the process of waiting at the next light. So what if I were a few minutes late. What if someone would have taken a chance at the same time that I did, it could have be worse than just a ticket.  Sometimes in life we must take chances, but some chances can be fatal if they aren’t the right ones to take. We have to learn to stop taking short cuts and chances that at one time or another worked for us so we thought. The next time it could cause us major damage or something more fatal. Is it worth taking our life or the life of someone else. Everything that we do effects no only us but someone else. If I would have paced myself I would have had more time. Time management. Preparing my clothes the day before, getting plenty of rest by going to bed a little bit earlier, wake up a little bit earlier, leave out a little earlier. This would not only help me to get to my destination on time if not earlier, but also prepare me for any delays that might come along the way. Even though I reached my destination on time I had to gather myself before even getting out of the car because I felt rushed and on edge. If we get anything in life before it’s time especially when we are aren’t ready for it the same thing that was meant to be bless us could turn around and curse us. The things that we learn while going through the process become much more valuable when we have reached or destination at the appointed time. #CLEANTHISHOUSE


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