I Feel My Second Wind

Before I Die By Kirk Franklin
A fighter prepares for their fight by exercising, eating healthy, sharpening their boxing skills and techniques. They also look at their previous fights not only of themselves but of their optants to study their techniques and patterns. I have never been much of a boxing fan except for when it came to Mohammad Ali and watching Rocky, but they encouraged me to keep fighting though our techniques maybe a little different. No matter what they never stopped fighting. The biggest struggle I think during a fight is when we have been fighting for so long we become tired, weary and hopeless to the point that we even stop fighting back. We lose our vision along the way as we began to focus on the background noise, the things that surround us. We have taken so many blows that we began to lose sight of our optants that were swinging at nothing but air. Our problem is that we keep going, but seldom take the time for to catch our breath, regroup and then go at it again. We need to shake ourselves, wipe our face, refocus, square our shoulders up and go in again. You were built for this, catch your second wind. I may fall down sometimes, but it will never make knock me out. A good fighter never stops fighting even when they lose a battle.

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