Lord Make Me Over

Rebuild Me by J Moss

Make Me Over By Tonex
I think that the Transformers is probably one of my best Action movies. I am fascinated with their whole transformation from a vehicle or air craft into these unbelievable creations. You would have never thought all of that was built inside of one. It all came out when they were ignited by a greater force than themselves. I think about the process that it had to take to even create something so great and for every thing to function properly. I am sure there were a lot of mistakes made and retakes. They had a vision of the final process and though it took a lot of energy, time, investment and sacrifices they did what was necessary to complete the task and reach their goal. Nothing is given without sacrifice. In order for God to save the world He had to sacrifice His only Son. If you aren’t willing to make the sacrifice for “IT” 9 times out of 10 it want come to pass. I will have to admit I am not one who has the best vocabulary, may not use the best pronunciation or even the best diction, but I am at this point in life that I am willing to do whatever it takes to better myself for where God is taking me to. I sometimes more than not find myself getting tripped up on words that are similar in appearance but their meanings are different, like won’t and want. I know what I want to say at the time, but then when I’m getting it out it may come out the wrong way. Now I’m trying to go through the process of transformation. Transforming and undoing years of wrong learning, teaching and bad habits that I’ve picked up along the way. Sometimes you don’t know what you’ve been doing wrong until The Lord sends you someone along your path to not only tell you, but also showing you and helping you through the process. A lot of people want to tell you your wrong doings, but never show you or help you through the process. In this process we have to be willing to accept corrective criticism and be open to change. Not everyone is out to hurt you or hope that you will fail. I hadn’t always been in that place to accept or receive that. It would actually make me cringe. The problem wasn’t so much other people as I thought, but it was what I thought and how I viewed myself. I walked around with a wall up, guarded and on the defense feeling the need to protect myself because of things I experienced all the way down to my childhood. I thought that it was helping me, but it was only hurting me and left me broken and damaged goods. When I finally made the choice to forgive the process of my thinking began to change which changed my life. Though this process hasn’t been easy and it is a day by day sometimes minute by minute step I can not only see but feel the change in my life. Sometimes you have to get sick and tired of being sick and tired not so much of other people I was sick of ME. The transformation ALWAYS begins with the individual. The day I began to sacrifice myself up to God was the day my life changed forever. #CLEANTHISHOUSE

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