Are You Willing To Launch Into The Deep

Ocean by Hillsong

One-day my mom was telling me when I was around 2-3 years old and they had taken me and my sister to the pool. The next thing they knew they heard this big splash and they saw me trying to fight my way back up. Of course my mother started panicking because she didn’t know how to swim and had to yell for help. The last time she saw me I was at the top of the steps. She had no idea why I would just jump off into the deep part of the water knowing I didn’t know how to swim. From that point on I’ve always been a little fish. Even to this day any type of water is like serenity to me and I can go there and find refuge, strength and peace. When God bided Peter to come to him he began to walk out on the water, but suddenly Peter began to sink. It wasn’t because the storm that surrounded him was so great, but it was because he took his eyes of Jesus. There are situations and circumstances that will occur in your life that will come out of no where. There will be no point of reference on why or even how, but no matter how unstable your surroundings faith never takes its eyes off the one it seeks. If you feel like your sinking then who is it that you seek? Even if you have lost your focus and you began to sink you still have time to cry out HELP! #CLEANTHISHOUSE

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