Don’t Allow A Tight Place To Confine You

I was on my way to the Women’s Correctional Center for Orientation Class to start volunteering and on my way I saw Youth Juvenile Center directly across from a school. It had several bobbed wired fences with corralled wire at the top to insure that there was no escape. There seemed to be a tighter security there then at the Woman’s. My heart began to break and my spirit began to weep. I have never been in prison or jail at least physically, but as I began to reflect back there was a time in my life that I was mentally and emotionally in prison. I allowed things that happen in my life and people imprison me, which started with my thought process. I battled depression and suicidal thoughts that kept me bound, enclosed, restricted from enjoying life, shut up and kept in. I was alive, but a dead man walking. I was walking around smiling but lifeless, shouting but lifeless, filled with the Holy Ghost, saved, sanctified and very involved in my local church, but I felt trapped and thought that there was no way out. Until one day I realized that this is not what God had for my life and that he had better for me. Regardless of what had happened or what was going on in my life that even in the midst of it all I could still be free. I began to reassess my life by acknowledging where I was. I repented and made a 180 turn and went in the opposite direction. I began to focus on me and less on the things that surrounded me. I forgave myself and others. I began to really apply the word to my life and watched things unfold before me. I decided to take my life back and let God lead. So now when problems come and situation arise I know how to channel it back to my source (God) who will handle it, instead of me carrying it. My greatest weapon has been my praise. It has gotten my through times that I’ve wanted to give up. When Paul and Silas were beaten and thrown into prison they didn’t allow where they were confine them, change their confession or belief which was that they believed God. In spite of their condition they made the choice to pray and give God praise. Miracles, signs and wonders happen when we believe. #CLEANTHISHOUSE

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