Even Damaged Goods

Never Be Same by Shana Wilson & Tasha Cobb

When your buying fresh fruit it is originally whole. It’s not torn apart into pieces, damaged for the most part, but intact and complete. If you were to start peeling away the skin it would no longer be whole, but in parts. You could try to piece it back together but it would never be whole again. Some fruit may look damaged on the outside and in most cases would be overlooked because we would consider it damaged, rotten or no good. Like a banana it can get brown pretty quick on the outside, but when you pull back the skin it could be perfectly fine. Not all fruits are bad because of what they look like on the outside. It’s after you pull back the layer of skin and get to the core of it which is the best part and what will benefit you most. I am reminded of the nursery rhythm: Humpty Dumpty sat on the wall, Humpty Dumpty had a great fall and the Kings horses and all the Kings man couldn’t put Humpty together again. Yet we look to imperfect people to heal us when yet we have a righteous and all-powerful God. But even a broken egg can produce a meal. Some fresh fruits like peaches, pears and mangos you don’t want to buy them when they are still firm or hard because they won’t to be ready, but the longer you let them sit, over a period of time they become soft and you can smell their scent that means they are ready to be picked. It you pick or use anything before it’s time or out of its season it want taste as good and not only will it affect you, but everything that is connected to you. When you wait on the direct timing of God it will all fall in place. You may not see it initially or even feel that anything is happening, but if you follow His plan it’s working. #CLEANTHISHOUSE

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