Beyond The Grave

Love Never Felt So Good by Michael Jackson and Justin Timberlake

I came across this song tonight and it reminded me of some of his classic songs like “I wanna rock with you and PYT petty young thing” With technology now it allows us to do so many different things that we never thought were possible. I thought to myself how he is dead and gone, but yet his legacy which was his music still lives on beyond the grave. No matter what he did in his life he will always be known for his great music because it speaks the loudest. Nothing ever stopped him from achieving his greatest goal which I think was to touch others with his music. He is by far and will ever be one of the greatest music geniuses of our time. I then thought about my life and what will it speak once I am gone? What will I leave as my legacy and will I still be remembered when my life here is through? No matter how many mistakes you make, how many times that you may fall because NONE of us are perfect, but above all what does your life represent? I don’t seek to be famous, I don’t care to own millions of dollars, I don’t even care to be known all over the world as nice as all of that sounds. None of that matters if I live that type of life style or live my life and haven’t touched anyone. What I want my life to show more than anything in this world is that I loved God and that in my life He was glorified and shinned bright. Sometimes we live for the moment and never think down the road about what I do today will affect my tomorrow. If we can’t see beyond today we will get stuck in our tomorrow. Live out loud #CLEANTHISHOUSE

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