Don’t Count Out The Things You Can’t See

About 1 1/2 months ago I was given some Rose of Sharon’s to plant. When I counted them there was a total of 15. I thought where am I going to put all of these. So I began to look where I might be able to plant them. They needed to get planted in the ground so its roots would settle and be firm enough to survive the winter. Once I planted them I made sure to water them every other day unless we had a good rain where I didn’t have to go water them. I would continue to look and see if there were any signs of new life. As long as I saw the evidence of new leaves growing, there was a good chance that they would survive. There were two of them that shriveled up and looked dead. No evidence or sign of life at all. I thought about uprooting them, then throwing them away and planting something else in it’s place, but I kept hearing the Lord say don’t give up on them just yet. In my mind I’m like God do you not see the condition of these plants? There would be times that I would be making my rounds to water my plants and wouldn’t even bother watering those two at all. My thoughts were what is the use. I was only looking at them in their present condition. It’s amazing where our frame of mind is at times and how we treat each other and are so ready to disregard and throw each other away because we can’t see past where someone is today. God told me to start watering them again and to not give up on them just yet. So I did as He had instructed. It had rained all day yesterday and when I came home I looked around at all of my plants and was amazed how they were growing. I saw signs of new life from things that I didn’t even plant and they were beautiful. God said go look at the plant. I had to bend down in order to see it because it was much smaller than the other ones. Sure enough there were some new leaves starting to grow on it. There were signs of new life and to think I almost go rid of them. A lot of times we will give up on our dreams, our visions, our desires and each other because we can’t see any evidence of life. We are only looking at them in their present condition. There are some things God has said don’t give up on IT just yet. Though you can’t see any evidence doesn’t mean that it isn’t working, that something isn’t growing underneath the ground, that He isn’t working in the back ground scenes of your life. Faith sees when there is no evidence, because it looks beyond what it sees now and believes. #CLEANTHISHOUSE

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