Push Past The Pain

I was at the hospital getting ready to give birth to my first child. My plan was to try and have her natural with out any medication, but after 11 hours the pain began to increase and I could no longer stand it without some assistance. My sister had been begging for me to get some medicine for hours because she was afraid that I was going to go off on someone. Anyone who has given birth or witnessed someone giving birth knows that it is very intense. Although the medicine only helped subdue the pain and not alleviate
the pain it was better than nothing at all. It was getting closer to the time for me to get ready to deliver the baby. At this point in time I was ready to go, but I understood the reason why I had to wait. When it was time they said push. I had to quickly gather up every little ounce of strength that I had to help me push past the pain that I was experiencing at the moment. This didn’t feel good at all, but I kept my focus on the end result which was to deliver this baby. After the 1st push they told me not to push again until they told me to no matter how ready I thought that I was. They had to check and see where the baby was and didn’t want to put any extra stress on me or the baby. I found myself back in the waiting position again trying get through the pain. They said that they could see the baby’s head which meant that we were very closer to delivering a baby. The Doctor said on this next push we need you to give all that you have. When they said push I let out this tremendous scream because the pain was so great, but no matter how great the pain I had to push past it  in order for the baby to come out. I felt great relief as the pain was starting to subside and I heard her cry for the first time. Tears of joy came streaming down my face because of the end result of the pain that I had to push through was worth it. I have experienced and am experiencing something’s in my life that I am having to push through the pain. Some pain had been caused because I came out of my waiting position to soon thinking  that it was time or that I was ready. Although I was very close to what God had promised for me it wasn’t quiet time for me to proceed forward. A holding or waiting position is not a time where we are being punished, but where God is grooming us and preparing us for what is to come.  There are sometimes in life that we may not have caused the pain it may have been inflected upon us, but for everything that God allows there is a reason. It’s not meant to destroy us nor harm us although at the times it feels like it might. If you find yourself in the waiting position don’t move before it is time. If we go before our timing it can delay, abort or cause us to go through it again. Timing is everything. Maybe you are having to push past the pain. Not matter the intensity of your pain it is not the time to give up or give in. It is through the pain that God is producing great things through you and you want see the end result until you push past the pain.

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