This Too Shall Pass

It was in 2005 that I was boarding a plane for the very first time in my life.  I was starting a new job as an Office Coordinator at a Home Care Agency.  They were sending me to Philadelphia  for a weeks training.  I was excited about this new opportunity and going to see a place that I had never been before, but at the same time I was nervous because I had never been on a plane and  I had never gone that far away from my family.  As me taking this job it was mandatory for me to go to this training, so I had no choice.  I gave my family big hugs and kisses and I went through the process of checking in.  Everyday that we leave our homes we take the chance of something happening, but I trusted God to take care of me and my family while I was away.    People told me of some of the things that I need to expect while I was on the plane, but not to worry that it was only temporary and that I would be fine.  Before we were getting ready to take off the flight attendant came on the intercom and gave us our instructions and what we needed to do in case of an emergency.  As the plane started down the runway for clearance it began to pick up speed and then it took off.  It went so fast up into the air it felt like I was on a roller coaster ride as my stomach dropped.  I tried to appear as if I had it all together, but on the inside I was about to fall apart.  As we went higher into the air the plane started shacking. This must be that turbulence that they were talking about that I would experience and it didn’t feel good.  The first thing I thought was ok God I’m not ready to die yet, but then I remembered that they told me that this would only be temporary.   As we hit our climax the plane began to level out and the turbulence began to subside and it was smooth sailing from there on out.  I was sitting near the window and as I began to look out  I could see the wing of the plane, the sun trying to peep through the clouds that looked like snow.  There was this sudden since of peace that came over me that allowed me to lay back and enjoy the rest of my flight.  As we were coming close to our destination the flight attendant got back on the intercom to give us landing procedure and instructions. All of a sudden you could hear the wheels come out and then the plane began to go in a downward speed. You felt this bump as we landed on ground and the plane began to decrease in speed as it went down the speedway. The flight attendant came back on one last time and announced that we had reached our destination and gave us our final instructions. Crazy thing about this now is that I love to fly.  I was having dinner with a friend several days ago and in our conversation she asked me the question will we always have to go through.  I responded unfortunately yes, we will until the day we die, but we have this hope in Jesus Christ that no matter what we go through he will always be with us to help us through it.  1 Peter 1:7 “The trial of your faith, being more precious than of gold that perisheth, though it be tried in the fire, might be found unto praise and honor and glory  at the appearing of Jesus Christ”  The trials and tribulations that we experience in life are building something in us and through us that it maybe used for his glory and for the up building of his kingdom.  That was something she didn’t really want to hear.  I went on to encourage her that whatever God allows to happen in our life is for a reason and though we may not understand it at the moment he will reveal it in time. I got home that night and received an unexpected call and now I am having to walk out what I just encouraged to her.  The news was devastating, in fact heartbreaking.  So here I found myself going through a storm.  The pain was so great that I found it hard at times to even gather myself.  I tried to look from the beginning until now and I still couldn’t find the answers and understand in fullness of why this was happening.  All I knew is that my heart was attached and now it is breaking.  I did the only thing that I knew to do which was to get into the presence of God.  As I began to focus more on Jesus Christ he began to give me some peace and helped began the process in the healing of my heart. Though the tears still fall and the pain has not ceased as I start to refocus and began again the pain that I once felt is starting to subside. The turbulence that you are experiencing while riding through the storm is only temporary and God can still give you peace in the midst of it.  No matter how great the storms that you may find yourself in storms come not to stay, but they come to pass.

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