Don’t Quit

I was getting off of work one day and as I looked up at the sky,  I could tell that there was a storm coming. The clouds were very dark and you could even smell the rain.  My goal was to get my girls and make it home before the storm.  I went into get the girls from Afterschool and I explained to them how we needed to try and get home before the storm began. As they looked at the sky they knew my reasons to why.  We were half way home and it began to pour down the rain to the point that it began to hail. It was raining so that you could hardly see to drive and people were pulling over on the side of the road.  It began to thunder and the lighting crackled in the sky.  My girls became afraid and asked should we stop like everyone else.  I replied, if we stop in the middle of this storm it will take us longer to get home and we are right around the corner.  I may have to slow down some, but the important thing is that we keep going. I remember asking the Lord to please just let us make it home safely. As we came around the corner to be able to turn up the street to our home, the rain subsided.  See girls the storm was only temporary and the storm has passed. Just think if we stopped, we would have still been sitting there waiting for the storm to cease. I was thinking how this is the 1st month of the new year and if this is what my year is going to be like then God you must really have something amazing for me on the other side of all of this. I have found out that in life when we are facing our greatest storms or challenge’s that is when there is a blessing, a breakthrough, a miracle right around the corner if we persevere through it all. I also realize that those are the times when we want to give up.  Yes it will hurt, no it doesn’t feel good and yes it seems like it lasts forever, but we still can’t quit. There is something greater on the other side of through.  As I began to focus on something other than what I might have been feeling or experiencing at the time the stronger I was becoming. The more I began to think and speak positive though the symptoms may remain and my situation(s) may not have changed, but because my perspective and my view on what I was going through had I was able to press through and not quit. Though there are some days that I feel like I can slay Goliath and other days I feel like I just can’t do it, I still find the strength to go through and not quit. One day at a time sweet Jesus that is all I am asking of you. Give me the strength to do everything one day at time.  When giving up no longer becomes an option then moving forward is the only thing left to do. DON’T QUIT……GREATER IS COMING!

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