You Are The Original Copy

I went back to work thinking that I was better after being in the bed for four days with flu like symptoms. I probably received it fom my daughter who was sick the week before or it could be the fact that I work at a Doctors office where the flu is running rapid.  I always make sure to follow the correct procedures with keeping my hands washed and santizied, but it never fails when any of my kids are sick especially when their is vomiting involved I am bond to become sick too. As I tried to find the strength to work that day I felt me going fast as I barely had the strength to operate, so I went to see one of the Doctors and they immediately sent me back home for two more days with flu like symptoms.  I didn’t complain at all because the way I was feeling that’s exactly where I needed to be. I finally got home and got right back up under my covers and fell fast a sleep. I found myself In this room where it looked like people were being worked on and recreated. I kept seeing these pictures of me the past, present and the future. It was as if God was working on me, but yet there I stood watching it happen.  I asked God why are there so many images of me and he replied  I am creating you into what you shall be and I am sending these images ahead of you.  You are an original piece, you are copywritten.   I have all the rights to you and no matter how people may try to distort or try to duplicate your image they can never change the original copy. Psalms 139:14 “You are wonderfully and fearfully” I am taking all of pieces of your life  and making a master piece called “You”. Then I woke up and all I could remember is “You are an original copy”. We were all created here for a unique purpose and we are no accidient no matter how we may have gotten here.  NO MATTER where you may find yourself today God has a plan just for you. Not only were you created to give God glory, but you were created to make a difference and change right where you are. Sometimes the 1st change begans with us.  Maybe you have lost who you are, maybe you don’t even know who you are all. It is NEVER to late to began again and find out who you were created it to be. Jeremiah 29:11 “For I know the thoughts that I think towards you, saith the Lord, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end”

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