Father Can You Hear Me

Yesterday I had a very humbling experience. We were in the park in Downtown Greenville by the water falls chillin. Taking a few selfie’s and just enjoying our day before the concert to see Tye Tribett. This man came up and began to conversate with us. I heard the Lord say tap in. I sat straight up and began to listen to him. He said that he was homeless and was going around to ask people if he could display his talents this is what he is doing to help him through his transition. He was very well mannered and wouldn’t proceed unless given permission. I gave him permission and he began to sing “Praise is what I do” This man wasn’t a great singer, but it was his heart that drew me in. He could have sung anything or been doing anything, but in spite of his condition and his circumstances he chose to praise God. I began to listen even closer as tears started to fall down my face. When he finished he said thank you for your time to listen to me. He started to walk away and I gave what the Lord spoke to give and my sister followed. Though it wasn’t very much I gave out of obidience. I felt the spirit of the Lord very strong and asked him if we could pray with him? At this point I wasn’t concerned about the public setting, but I recognized the moment and followed God’s direction. He was glad that we asked him and was more than willing. My sister and I grabbed his hands, I began to pray and speak over his life. When the prayer was over we gave him a hug. We continued our conversation and the Lord continued for us to minister to him. The thing that stuck with me is after he thanked us again he said, ” to be honest I had been watching you all from the bridge and I said there goes my help. I was very nervous and I almost didn’t come, but I said to myself again I believe there goes my help. He went on further to say that we need the Lord and need to be ministered to also.” Ministry is bigger than the inside of the 4 walls of your local church, outside of it is where true ministry begins.

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