The Super Woman’s Prayer

Lord I thank you that you have given me the ability to do so many things. That you have gifted and anointed me with the power to create something out of nothing and the strength to lead. My girls in which are the biggest gifts and opportunity you have given me in raising them into mighty woman of God. Thank you for giving me access to favor and continue to open the doors of opportunity and sooo much more. In all that you’ve given me I have picked up the role and the need to be Super Woman, not only because of the things in which I  know I poses that I want to share with the world, but the very thing that society has put on us as women because we can and most of the times do it all. The thing I failed to realize is that in all that you have given me and called me to do you never meant for me to do it in my own strength and I was never meant to do it alone. Lord help me to stay humble enough in knowing that I will ALWAYS need you and that I would never be ashamed or prideful to accept or ask for help. That I don’t become self sufficient to the point that I become self inflicting and I become damaged by my own walls. Thank you for sending on the help I need to carry out your plan for my life. Help me to appreciate what and who you send. Help me not to be selfish, but with a grateful heart even though it may not be what I want or desire,  but help me to see what I need. I release the cape of the Super Woman mentality  that not only society has placed on us, but in my own need of wanting to help others or is it really the feeling of being needed. Eventhough I know that I can,  I was never created to do it all on my own or alone. Load realeased.

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