Don’t Get Distracted

Last year I went to go see my daughter in L.A. and while she was in class I decided to go take a walk downtown Hollywood. As I came to the intersection there were several directions in which I could go. I had already gone down the street straight ahead of me on my last trip so there was no need for me to go that way again. I decided to take a left turn and although I had been down that way before I decided to go a little bit further to see what might be down that way. I was amazed at the architect on some of the buildings, and some of the flowers and other scenory that I saw a long the way. As I came to another intersection I had this feeling that I needed to turn around and go back, so I did. As I was walking back I would occasionally turn around and look back because I wasn’t sure why I felt that way. It was one of those gut feelings, so I took it as a warning and kept moving forward. Think had I not listened to my instincts. Life will offer you many directions in which you could go, but not every direction will lead you to the destination God has for your life. No matter how appealing  it may be, don’t allow it to pull you in the wrong direction. Follow his lead.  Proverbs 14 ” There is a way that seems right to a man, but its end is the way of death”   The enemy will bring what is appealing to your flesh to get you to take the bait. Don’t be fooled, keep it moving. Our defeat along the journey is because of our inability to trust God and in the ability to think we can handle it all on our own.  

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