Keep Growing

The other day my girls and I were at the mall doing a little Christmas shopping and we happened to run into one of their friends from school. As they were talking about their grades he mentioned that he was a straight “A” student and thought about skipping school on Monday. Of course the mother in me steps in and says your going to skip school on Monday because of what?  He said, I am a straight “A” student.  Ok so that means what? He then replied, I thought that I would take a break. That is not an excuse for  you to become comfortable and to take it  easy. Nor should you stop trying. That is more of a reason why you should press harder so that you can maintain your status. Besides skipping school can also cause you to get into trouble. He smiled and said,  ok we will see. I said, ok so I’m going to be your mother at this moment.  Let me find out  you skipped school. We all started laughing, but they knew I was serious. I had to pick my daughter up from basketball practice on Monday and I happened to see him outside. I said I see you came to school today and we started laughing. It’s so easy to become comfortable in a good place, but it can also cause us to become lazy or get off track. We should never stop learning to the point where we think that we have arrived. If we stop learning, we stop growing and if we stop growing our life comes to a halt. Don’t let life just pass you by, keep growing. 

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