Uniquely Me

Wherefore I put thee in remembrance that thou stir up the gift of God, which is in thee by the putting on of my hands

2 Timothy 1:6

I was sitting in a training class the other day and we were given these pipe cleaners. At break time we were asked to use them to be creative if we wanted to. I looked at them, got an idea and went with it. I have never used them before, but my artistic juices started flowing.

Everyone was looking in amazement. It’s not perfect and I wasn’t doing it for anyone’s approval, but it was mine and I was proud of it. I activated what was pulling on the inside of me.

In each of us we have been given the power to create and especially as women to make whatever is given to us better and to reproduce. What has God placed in your hands?

Many times we have been given the chance and the opportunity to use what God has placed on the inside of us. But because of fear, doubt, insecurities or whatever the reason that may cause us not to take that step of faith we take a backseat instead.

In this season don’t ignore the thing or things that you know that you should be doing, even if you have to do it afraid. Somebody needs and is waiting on what you have to offer. It could be the very thing to save their life.

Song List

Lord I’m Available To You by Melinda Watts

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