Strength To Stand On My Own

“When I am weak thou art strong”

2 Corithians 12:8-10

There was a plant that I received awhile back that was drooping and almost seemed lifeless. The stem on the tree was very small, but yet it looked hopeful. It reminded me of the woman in the bible who was bent over for 18 years and could in no wise lift herself up, until she came in contact with Jesus.The Cripple Woman

In hopes to help the plant regain its strength,  I attached a stick behind it and then I put it on a consistent water regiment. I would make sure to water it once a week. Then I would check it each week to see if I noticed any change. After a couple of weeks I noticed it’s color coming back, as if it were coming back to life.

After about a month or so I decided to take away its props to see if it was able to stand on it’s own. And to my surprise it did. It had actually grown enough and had straighten itself out. All it needed was a little love, attention and assistance.

Life happens to us all and every now and again we need a little extra help along the way. There have been times when I haven’t been at my best, have been weak or not strong enough. Grateful to my squad who in those times have held me up and held me accountable. And of course to God who has always had me regardless.

But there comes a time in life when you should be able to stand on your own. Not always looking for a hand out, not always needing assistance or crutches to stand on. Sometimes we can become so dependent on to other people or things that we become stagnated.

Take the time you need to heal, to be strengthen, to mature and grow. You will know when it is time for you to stand on your own.

Song List

Johnathon McReynolds “Lover of My Soul”
But what I lack
You are full of
Where I’m broken
You are whole
What I’m doubting
You are sure of
So I’ll trust the lover
Lover of my soul

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