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The Power of Connection

John 15:5 “I am the vine, ye are the branches: He that abideth in me, and I in him, the same bringeth forth much fruit: for without me ye can do nothing”

What are you connected to?

I was at work the other day and this lady was trying to find a USB cord so that she could charge her phone because her battery was about to die. She was asking everyone in the lobby, but no one could help her. She noticed that there was a USB cord behind the counter and asked if she could borrow it. She said, you can keep my phone back there while it charges. I took her phone and she walked away. I went to try and plug it into her phone and it wouldn’t work. I looked at the end of the cord and noticed I had an iPhone charger and her phone was an Android. I had to call her back to the front and let her know it didn’t work because it wasn’t the right power cord. She thanked me for trying and went about her way.

I kind of felt sorry for her, but then all kind of questions start popping in my head like:
Why would you leave home with out your charger?
Do you not keep an extra one on you?
But who hasn’t left their charger at home and likely to have a spare one at all times. I also don’t know her situation.

I started thinking about how in life we sometimes connect to the wrong people or things that will drain the very life out of us. And if we would truly be honest, we have at one time or the other created little god’s out of them as we have looked to them to be the source to fuel the fire that God placed on the inside of us.

Where you are going has a lot to do with what you are connected to. Whether it is people, your job, your church, etc.

I believe being connected to the RIGHT people and things is very important as they are part of pushing your further into your destiny; however they aren’t to replace your relationship and connection through Jesus Christ.

Nothing can generate power unless it is connected to a power source. Even when something is generated by a battery, after awhile even it has to be recharged or replaced in order to keep working.

Not matter what goes on in your life make sure that you stay connected to the source.

More Than Anything by Anita Wilson

Strength To Stand On My Own


Yesterday I was out watering my plants and when I came around to watering the Japanese Maple Tree I noticed that it had some what detached itself from the stick it was connected to.  In the beginning stages of growing a tree sometimes a stick is attached to the tree to keep it from growing crooked and until it is strong enough to stand on it’s own.  I planted the tree almost a year ago and I honestly didn’t think that it was going to make it because it wasn’t producing anymore leaves and the leaves that remained were falling off. Even the branches were dying on it. I kept watering it every other day and prayed that the roots would have settled and were strong enough to make it through the winter. I kept checking to see if there were any changes and there wasn’t anything. By spring it flourished and the leaves were beautiful as it stood looking healthy and strong.  As I looked closer at the tree the stick that was attached had snapped in half and some of the strings had come a loose.  That let me know that the tree had grown and it was strong enough to stand on it’s own.  So I removed the string and the stick.  I stood there for a moment just to make sure that it was able to stand on it’s own and sure enough it was.  That made me smile.  I was glad that I didn’t do what I had initally started to do which was to up root it and throw it away.  Just because you don’t see any evidence of life on the surface doesn’t mean that their isn’t anything growing underneath the soil.  Sometime’s the greatest things are produced in a dark place. Give it some time to be produced. Don’t give up on it just yet.  God will send people and things in ours lives to help us along the way, but if we aren’t careful they can become a crutch.  If we continue to use our crutches how will we know what we can do on our own.  Crutches can become a handicap when they are used past their season and we become so depended on it that we think that we need it survive.   At times God will remove the things that we have become depended on to hold us up (crutches) so that we can see just how strong we really are. Your greatest strength is sometimes found when you are finally able to stand on your own.