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The Direct Timing Of God

I hadn’t even been in my house for a year and I have seen more caterpillars and butterflies than I have seen in years. They are becoming a rarity. One day I saw 4 caterpillars in a row. I got so excited, like a little kid I decided to collect them. I got a jar and made sure there were different sizes of grass for them to crawl on, that there was enough grass at the bottom for them to eat from and there were enough holes at the top for them to breath. I made sure to continue to check on them from time to time. One day I checked on them and noticed that one of them had died, one had gotten away and the others were decreasing in size. I had never seen anything like it. I couldn’t figure out for the life of me what was happening. I heard something say let them go. I really didn’t want to, but since my method wasn’t working I did so. Not sure if they even survived, but I never saw to many more after that. Today as God was downloading some stuff into me he took me back to that moment a year ago and said the reason why they were dying is because you had confined them into a place they were never meant to fit in and you tried to transform them into something before their time. They weren’t ready to be transformed into butterflies yet. To everything there is a time and a season. The process is unavoidable, but because you were trying to turn them into something before their timing it was becoming detrimental to their health. If you aren’t careful you can conform to the opinons and identity of others instead of transforming to the identity of Christ which you are called to. Don’t allow anyone to confine you to a place (a box) that you were never meant to fit in. Your were never designed to live in bondage. But don’t go ahead of God’s timing. Even when God shows us certain things it doesn’t mean that we are suppose to immediately go. ¬†When it is your time and your season you will know it. Not only will you be able to sense it in the air, but as you get into position everything else will fall into place. Someone asked tthe question, how will know that you are in your purpose. It’s something that really can’t be explained other than you will just know. Be ye anxious for nothing, wait on the direct timing of God. Your season of change is coming quicker than you think and you can’t afford to let it pass you by this time. Ready yourself to jump in when God says NOW! Get in position because you are next in line.