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When Your In One Place But Your Heart Is Some Where Else

My Life, My Love, My All by Kirk Franklin

Where your treasure is therefore your heart is also Matt 6:21
For sometime now I feel like I have been in this struggle of where I belong since the closing of my former church home. I have been in this place of searching or more like transition for what I felt was “home” For 37 years of my life I was in 1 place. Never went from church to church, because I was always taught to be committed where you are. Then God decided to disrupt my life in every way manageable with what felt like a stripping away, cutting back, pruning or surgery which all doesn’t feel good. Over the years I haven’t gotten comfortable with where I was whether it was my job, place to live, etc. because the moment I became comfortable here comes God shaking stuff up. Transition is always continual in life as we go from Glory to Glory. But what happens when you find yourself in a compromising state where you are in one place but your heart is somewhere else.You love where you are to some degree, but yet your unsettled, you haven’t found at one point you thought was “There”. You are still unfilled in the purpose of God for your life. When what’s in you has grown outside of where you are. It leaves you in an uneasy position or feeling like ok God what do I do now, do I leave or do I stay, but where shall I go. It’s like when you’re in a torn relationship. You know the time has come to end it, but instead of letting go you hang on. You become comfortable and settle. You become distant, on edge, irritable and you have no peace. You care about them, you even love them, but you’re not in love with them. Then there’s someone else who has peaked your interest. When you see them you get these butterflies in your stomach. There is this peace you feel when your around them. Your compatible in every way. Everything flows as if a perfect fit when sticking your hand into a glove that is the right size, your hands feel warm, secure and protected. Your desire to be with them becomes stronger the more you are around them or communicating with them. You get that gut feeling and the sense of yeah!this is the one, this is where I belong. Even in that you still have to use caution because everything that “feels” right doesn’t mean it is right. In all things we still have to consult the council of the most high God. In spite of what we feel we don’t want to make a hasty decision without the direction of God. It’s all in God’s timing and we must trust Him still. #CLEANTHISHOUSE

Identity Theft

Lord Make Me Over by the Walls Group

Identity by James Fortune

The thing that I have learned most when everything was stripped from my life was the fact that I found “ME”For most of my life I was wrapped up in the identity and opinions of others and who “they” thought I should be; therefore, instead of becoming a God chaser I became a people pleaser that eventually stripped me of who I really was.I felt like the caterpillar who went through the metamorphosis stage which on the outside wasn’t a pretty sight while on the inside it was a painful process transforming from what was to what she was called to be.Most of us will never have or be more than what we are right now because we 1. Want die to ourselves 2. Refuse to change our frame of mind 3. Want go through the process John 10:10 “I came that you might have life and that you might have life more abundantly.”Abundance is more than materialistic gain, but what about wisdom, joy, peace and freedom that NO ONE can take from you.I feel like the butterfly that is slowly coming out of her cocoon.NEW LIFE is beginning for me.#CLEANTHISHOUSE

You To Can Recover

He Loves Us by Jesus Culture

Now Be Restored by Vashawn Mitchell

When I was cleaning out my oven I realized that it wasn’t only that I needed to maintain the cleaning of the oven often so that things wouldn’t build up and would be hard to clean, but it was also what I was using. My mother had bought me some cheap stuff that wasn’t doing the job and was making the process a little bit longer. I believe my mother would never ¬†steer me the wrong way and was giving me what she thought was best. The things that may work for everyone else may not work for us. So I went and bought another brand that cost a little more money, was a name brand but was highly recommended. We can’t always use the cheapest brand or take the easiest way out and thinking the result will be the same. So I sprayed it on the oven and immediately I could tell in the texture of what it looked like and as the dirt immediately surfaced to the top I knew it was going to work. So I decided to let it sit over night. When I came back the next day I stood in amazement of how it looked, that I could tell there was a difference. As I began to wipe the oven underneath the surface so clean it was as if it was a brand new oven. You could hardly see the trace of it being used after all these years. Had I thought to use this in the beginning I wouldn’t have had to go through all of that, but I realize some processes are necessary. ¬† A lot of times we can look at our life by what we’ve done, what has been done to us or what we’ve gone through that we will never recover from the damage or the things that we have lost. Your past isn’t who you are, but it is what you’ve done or what has been done to you. It only takes the right ingredients which is the blood of Jesus Christ. What can wash away our sins NOTHING but the blood of Jesus. He can restore, He can heal, He can deliver, He can set free and whom the Son sets free is free indeed. All is not lost. #CLEANTHISHOUSE