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Don’t Ignore The Signs

Potters House by Tramaine Hawkins

I came into the house and I laid my stuff down. Of course my shoes are the first thing off. I went to hang up my coat and as I stepped onto the carpet I noticed it was wet. I kneeled down to see how wet it actually was and how far it went out into the carpet. The first thing I thought of was to call my contractor to see what I needed to do being that this is a fairly new house and everything is still under warranty. As one who has helped to physically build my home I knew the layout, so the next thought was to find out where the leakage was coming from. I noticed that the water was fresh so it had to have happened sometime within the course of the day. As I was describing what I saw to the contractor he asked if I saw any water leaking from the ceiling or if I noticed any water coming from out of the walls. The fact that we didn’t see any signs of those was a good possibility that it wasn’t a busted pipe. The hall closet is underneath the washer and dryer room so I immediately went upstairs and right before I reached to the top of the steps I noticed some dark spots. I felt the carpet and it was soaked which lead all the way out to the hallway. I knew then it was coming from the washer and dryer room because of the direction it was coming from. As I went in I saw water on the floor and in between the washer and dryer. I stood still to see if I could hear any water dripping and sure enough it was coming from out of the vials. My contractor told me to call the plumber, but being that it was after hours I probably wouldn’t be able to get in touch with anyone. I thought I would try anyway, but I had to leave a message and wait until the following day. In the mean time I started to lay down towels to soak up the water within the carpet and the water that had gotten on the floor. We determined the problem, what was the source of the problem, how to fix the problem and were there any long-term damages. The contractor said it is normal and over a period of time things become damaged or loosed. It could be a simple fix or if it isn’t caught in time there could be long-term damage. Just think if I would have ignored that or not noticed it what I could have walked into or woke up to. It is important that we take care of our natural as well as our spiritual house. Over a period of time there are things that need to be repaired, tightened up, things we need to get rid of or clean up like our attitudes, our thought process, a broken heart, the company we keep, the things we entertain, etc. If we ignore the warning signs that something in our house is wrong over a period of time it will cause more damage than what it’s worth. #CLEANTHISHOUSE

Don’t Go Uncovered

Cover Me by 21:03

I was cleaning out the microwave it wasn’t as bad as I thought but there was still residue of food in certain areas. I always tell my children to make sure they cover their plates with a paper towel to protect their food and from food splattering all over the microwave. I almost became disgusted when I thought about when you’re reheating your food and it goes uncovered the potential of food that was left in the microwave and had been reheated numerous times fall on your food. I never thought about that until now. It’s amazing how we go from day-to-day uncovered, unprotected and put ourselves at a greater risk of not only injuring others but ourselves even more if we are already broken or wounded. We put ourselves at risk of an infection or contamination because we left ourselves open and exposed to anything. If we don’t take the time to daily clean ourselves from the inside out instead of walking around acting like everything is ok not only will we be damaged goods but then we put others at risk of being harmed. Whatever you do before going out COVER UP!