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Below The Surface

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“Nothing changes if nothing changes”

As I was vacuuming the steps this morning, I noticed the railings.  It reminded me that I needed to repaint them.  Something said, “why not just take a damp cloth and wipe them off”.  I thought to myself why not.  As I begin to wipe them off, I was so disgusted at how much dirt was on the railings.  It was not even the fact that I needed to touch it up with paint but that it needed to be cleaned off. My youngest daughter was coming down the steps and I said do you see how clean this is?  She said, “was all of that dirt?”  I replied, “yes.  We were both surprised and disgusted. So, we know we need to clean them off more often.

I went back to finish cleaning the steps and as I was cleaning in the crease of the steps the Lord started dealing with me about how we are sometimes ok with just dealing with the surface things in our life. Dealing with the surface does not require much work nor does it allow us to walk in total freedom. We appear to look like we have it all together and we are a mess, we appear to be ok and when we are not, we appear to be happy and we are miserable or we appear to be well and we are really sick. We do not want anyone to know that we are silently suffering, and it is killing us.

“What is being manifested on the surface is the overflow of what has existed underneath”

The things that normally surface to the top are the things that have already being existing from within.  Currently we are in a pandemic and the death of yet another black man that has now started a Revolution is finally causing us to deal with what has always been. Racism at its best and a systemic system that needs to be broken. Although this did not begin with George Floyd, it has lit a fire to start the process of some necessary changes as well as healing. Our nation has appeared to be well and we have been sick for a long time. It is now starting to rear its ugly head.

For things to progress and change we can no longer just deal with the surface. What is on the surface is not the real issue and it will only bring temporary healing. We must dig deep and pull it up from the root. The system they created is working the way it is supposed to. Until a system that was never created for us changes and we get rid of the people who continue to work that same system, we will continue this same fight.

“Keep thy heart with all dilligience; for out of it are the issues of life” Proverbs 4:23

Before there can be a true change in a nation there also has to be a change within us.  This is also shinning a light on where we are individually and our need for change. The true work begins within. Then we can be more effective to the change in our homes, our community, and our nation.

My prayer is that you would allow God to deal with the root of those things that keep surfacing to the top, so that you can walk in total freedom and victory. That you would have the motivation and strength to do the work needed so that you can be free.

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The Gift of Goodbye

He Is Exalted by JJ Hairston and Youthful Praise

I woke up this morning super excited because today was the very last day I was going to have to go the apartment. So you know how we do when we are getting ready to say goodbye we look to part, put on our perfume, blast the music, but something I noticed the closer I got my energy level was dropping, I became nervous, there were butterflies in my stomach as I passed by a corn field that at one time was barren but is now in full harvest. Tears began to fall as I pulled up to the apartment and I couldn’t even move. So I stayed in the car until I was ready. I finally got out and got the rest of the stuff that was left and said good-bye to some neighbors. I took my last look around to make sure nothing was left behind and I noticed something I never had before. The scars, the scrapes, the chipped paint, the dirt marks all because it was covered up. To you it may just be a house, but to me and my family it’s more than just a house. When I saw my house I was still married and never thought I would be going into it alone. This was my 1st and only apartment of 13 1/2 yrs, I raised my children here. You don’t know the sweat, the tears, the struggles, the nights I cried, the times I wanted to give up or even thought suicide was an option, but God. I lost a lot but I have gained so much more. God ALWAYS gives you more than he takes away. So with that being said, as I exit the thing that was and walk into what is, I lift up my countenance and I do what I do best which is give God praise. My conclusion to the whole matter is that GOD has BETTER!#CLEANTHISHOUSE