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The Power of Connection

John 15:5 “I am the vine, ye are the branches: He that abideth in me, and I in him, the same bringeth forth much fruit: for without me ye can do nothing”

What are you connected to?

I was at work the other day and this lady was trying to find a USB cord so that she could charge her phone because her battery was about to die. She was asking everyone in the lobby, but no one could help her. She noticed that there was a USB cord behind the counter and asked if she could borrow it. She said, you can keep my phone back there while it charges. I took her phone and she walked away. I went to try and plug it into her phone and it wouldn’t work. I looked at the end of the cord and noticed I had an iPhone charger and her phone was an Android. I had to call her back to the front and let her know it didn’t work because it wasn’t the right power cord. She thanked me for trying and went about her way.

I kind of felt sorry for her, but then all kind of questions start popping in my head like:
Why would you leave home with out your charger?
Do you not keep an extra one on you?
But who hasn’t left their charger at home and likely to have a spare one at all times. I also don’t know her situation.

I started thinking about how in life we sometimes connect to the wrong people or things that will drain the very life out of us. And if we would truly be honest, we have at one time or the other created little god’s out of them as we have looked to them to be the source to fuel the fire that God placed on the inside of us.

Where you are going has a lot to do with what you are connected to. Whether it is people, your job, your church, etc.

I believe being connected to the RIGHT people and things is very important as they are part of pushing your further into your destiny; however they aren’t to replace your relationship and connection through Jesus Christ.

Nothing can generate power unless it is connected to a power source. Even when something is generated by a battery, after awhile even it has to be recharged or replaced in order to keep working.

Not matter what goes on in your life make sure that you stay connected to the source.

More Than Anything by Anita Wilson

The Imaginery Line


Growing up I always had more male friends than female friends. I was hated because I was light skinned or had good hair. Some thought I was stuck up, conceited, had some idea that I thought I was better than everyone else when that was never my thoughts at all. Most of the times I was struggling with who I was and fighting to somehow stay alive. Some judged my outer smile thinking that my life was perfect, but little did they know I was really broken on inside. Because of that I always felt that I had to protect myself. I had to carry this tough image that I was ok, when really I was crying out for someone to help take this pain away. So I was always up for the challenge and by all means don’t dare me to do something, because you might have gotten something you didn’t want. THANK GOD for Jesus that I have learned how to not only pick my battles, but my approach to fighting is a little different now. There was this one girl I remember in our neighbor hood that had some beef with me.  I’m not sure why we even got into an altercation because we were always around each other.  I would say we considered each other friends. I guess we had that love hate relationship. All I remember was everyone in the neighborhood was around that day adding fuel to the fire of course, which only got me pumped while stroking my ego. The girl drew this imaginery line daring me to cross it or she would beat me up. What did you do that for? Of course I’m going to cross it. I wasn’t scared of anyone and if I was you would never know it. I remember going back and forth with the imaginery line, but nothing ever happened.  At least I don’t remember, other than us remaining friends. I didn’t realize how important those imaginery lines were until a couple of years ago. The imaginery lines I am referring to are boundaries. You can’t see them, but you know they are there. It is very important that we set healthy boundaries in our lives.  We can’t be afraid to let others know or feel guilty for having them. We can’t allow others to cross them, not even ourselves.  Your feelings are real and should be respected. But if you don’t respect them how do expect someone else to. By not setting boundaries it leaves you wide open and vulnerable to become hurt, misused and abused. That all stems from not knowing who you are. When I found me and loved me through God’s word there are boundaries I want let others cross including myself. I spent years of settling for less until I found out I was worth so much more. Although I am still learning, I am no longer afraid because I found my voice. #YOUAREWORTHIT

It’s Coming Back Thursday


Isaiah 55:8

“For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, saith the Lord”

A couple of weeks ago I noticed that one of my Rose of Sharon had some buds on it to where I could even see the color that it would blossom.  I was surprised to not only see the buds, but the fact that it was doing so out  of it’s season.  Looking at it you wouldn’t think that it was ready as it was small in stature.  In most cases they would grow a little bit bigger before it would even began to blossom.  The other morning as I was leaving for church something said look, which I automatically knew what that meant.  When I looked over and I saw a flower on it that made me smile.  I began to laugh because it is September and my flowers and plants are still blooming which seems so out of it’s season.  I believe whole hardly in the direct timing and seasons of God.  Even when looking at the Rose of Sharon and judging by the season in which we are in you would think that it wasn’t ready and it that it was defentily out of it’s season,  but the fact that it is blooming was making a strong statement “It’s My Time” in spite of what it looks like around me. In life people will try to determine when you are ready or not and sometime’s it is the people who are the problem, but TRUTH God is the only one who can control your seasons and determine your time. Yes! God does use people to speak into your life and help you along the way, but not everyone is for you so you have to be careful who speaks into you and know if they are sent from God.  Your enviornment is everything.  If you aren’t planted in the right environment it can not only kill your seed, but hinder your growth.  Be careful where you are planted because every place is not fertile ground.