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Today I Am Grateful…


I’ve got so much to thank God for

So many wonderful blessings and so many open doors

A brand new mercy

Along with each new day

That’s why I praise You

And for this I give You Praise

This year I wanted to do something a little different for Thanksgiving.  Kinda tired of the same old thing.  Holidays has always been important to me and now so much has changed. Holidays are sometimes a struggle to get through. My girls are away, most of my family works or are not here. Sitting at home starring at a screen TV wasn’t what I had in mind, so I decided to go and volunteer at the Salvation Army. It wasn’t the 1st time that I have volunteered nor helped feed the homeless, but this was a whole different setting for me. Normally when I have volunteered it was with other people that I knew or people that I was familiar with. Today I didn’t know anyone and wasn’t sure what to expect. I got there and introduced myself and asked how could I help. I was working in a small corner with 2 other ladies and while we were putting some snack packets together we opened up with some conversation. There were so many of us there that we were kinda running out of things to do. It had only been  30 minutes and it was another hour before the 1st group of people were going to come through. They had given us the option to leave and come back or we could stay. Honestly part of me wanted to leave, but there was something on the inside telling me that I needed to stay, so I did. I went out and sat at the table thumbing through my phone and one of the ladies came and sat at the table with me.  To be respectful I placed my phone down and we started conversating and then someone else came to join us. It was almost time to feed the 1st group and they were getting prepared to start serving, so we got up to assist them. People started to come in, most of them with smiles and a grateful heart. Some of them were a little shy, but by their second time around most of them had opened up.  We had  a little time before the next crowd was to come in and there were 2 gentlemen that were still there so we went out and mingled with them. Proverbs 18:24 ” A man that hath friends must shew himself friendly: and there is a friend that sticketh closer than a brother”  It was time for the next group to come in and just when we had gotten started one of the gentlemen that we had talked to had given a card to the staff, myself and the other young lady and sons that came out to talk with him. He went on to say, “I just wanted to say thank you for being my family this holiday”  It hit me like a ton of bricks because sometimes we are all that they have. I was humbled and grateful.  There were so many small moments like that throughout that day, but the other one that really stuck out to me was a young girl that came in on crutches with two younger children.  This was their 2nd time coming in that day. I noticed she was sitting at the table balling. Some of the volunteers tried to go out and talk to her, but they were so overwhelmed with what she was going through they had to step away. I stood there and I prayed, Lord give me what to say  and I waited on him to tell me when. I heard the song, “Things are going to get better, things are going to get better, don’t be discouraged by what you see, things are going to get better, better for me” I went over to her and asked her if I could give her a hug and she said yes. She broke down and then said thank you. I began to minister to her and tell my story in hopes that it might encourage her in what she was going through. When she left that day she had a smile on her face instead of tears. Sometimes we can get so bogged down with our own life that we don’t realize that someone else is going through much more than what we might be. Not only that, but some else needs to hear our story to help them persevere through what they are going through and then in turn be able to help somebody else. We have all had to go through to get to the other side.  Somethings we aren’t proud of, but it all has caused us to be where we are today. Someone is in need of your story. I am grateful that I didn’t leave that day.  I would have missed out on so many opportunities to help someone else in need.

Father Can You Hear Me

Yesterday I had a very humbling experience. We were in the park in Downtown Greenville by the water falls chillin. Taking a few selfie’s and just enjoying our day before the concert to see Tye Tribett. This man came up and began to conversate with us. I heard the Lord say tap in. I sat straight up and began to listen to him. He said that he was homeless and was going around to ask people if he could display his talents this is what he is doing to help him through his transition. He was very well mannered and wouldn’t proceed unless given permission. I gave him permission and he began to sing “Praise is what I do” This man wasn’t a great singer, but it was his heart that drew me in. He could have sung anything or been doing anything, but in spite of his condition and his circumstances he chose to praise God. I began to listen even closer as tears started to fall down my face. When he finished he said thank you for your time to listen to me. He started to walk away and I gave what the Lord spoke to give and my sister followed. Though it wasn’t very much I gave out of obidience. I felt the spirit of the Lord very strong and asked him if we could pray with him? At this point I wasn’t concerned about the public setting, but I recognized the moment and followed God’s direction. He was glad that we asked him and was more than willing. My sister and I grabbed his hands, I began to pray and speak over his life. When the prayer was over we gave him a hug. We continued our conversation and the Lord continued for us to minister to him. The thing that stuck with me is after he thanked us again he said, ” to be honest I had been watching you all from the bridge and I said there goes my help. I was very nervous and I almost didn’t come, but I said to myself again I believe there goes my help. He went on further to say that we need the Lord and need to be ministered to also.” Ministry is bigger than the inside of the 4 walls of your local church, outside of it is where true ministry begins.