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Pressing My Way Wednesday


Philippians 3:13-14
” Brethren, I count not myself to have apprehended: but this one thing I do, forgetting those things which are behind, and reaching forth unto those things which are before,
I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus”

The woman with the issue of blood had been dealing with her issue for 12 years. As a woman it’s hard to deal with a week let alone 12 YEARS. In that day and time when a woman was bleeding it was as if she had a plague because no one would associate with her, touch her nor come in contact with anything that she had touched. She had spent the last of what she had and no one else would help her. She was abandoned, pushed to the side, talked about and isolated. ONE DAY she heard about a man named Jesus and became in the press. She didn’t care about the crowd and who was standing in her way. Through her struggles she found strength and through her determination it led her to being healed. It wasn’t the fact that she touched Jesus that she became made whole, but because of her faith to believe that he could that she was made well. Imagine if she never became in the press that day. You may not have an issue of blood, but what is the issue(s) that you have been carrying around with you for “WAY TOO LONG”. Today could be the day if you would just believe that you too can be free and be made whole. It’s never too late for you to press your way through the crowd, the noise, the disappointments, the betrayl, the hurt, the pain and be made whole. No matter your issue you can be set free, but you have to go to the right physician. Our bondage sometimes isn’t in the issues that we have, but who it is that we seek to made whole. The two options that you have is to stay bond to your issue(s) or press your way to Jesus and be made whole. The ball is in your court “Wilt thou be made whole”

Broken, But Not Beyond Repair


I was on my way home from work the other day and it was pouring down rain so bad that I had to turn on the wind shield wipers just so that I could see.  My back wind shield wipers haven’t been working properly and will work when they want to. I decided to try to see if they would work and of course they didn’t.  I have known that they have needed to be fixed for sometime now, but because I have never really had to use them that much has delayed me in doing so. In order for me to go have them looked at may require me possibly taking some time off of work and money that I don’t necessarily have at the moment. The motor probably has gone bad in it which won’t take much to have it fixed, but according to it’s importance to me at this moment gets put on the back burner.  If it ain’t broke than don’t fix it right?  Though that maybe a minor issue if our mindset continues to follow that pattern that is how you will view something’s of great importance and needs immediate attention in your life to which not only causes you to make hasty decisions, but the wrong ones. How do you process the things that are broken in your life?  Not everything that is broken needs to be fixed, but not everything that is broken needs to be thrown away. When something stops working it’s easy to try to get something new to replace it; however, new doesn’t always mean that it is better. Something’s may just need minor adjustments, a little more time, effort and work. More times than not we make the assumption that what is broken is unfixable, we want invest the time to see what’s wrong or what went wrong and throw it away. We place more value on something that is new when the real value is in what we invest into over a period of time. Don’t be so willing to throw away something because it stops working before you find out why it stopped working in the 1st place and see if it’s worth saving at all. Treasure is never found on the surface, but underneath the ground.  You will never discover it unless you are willing to invest the time in finding it.  Some of us stay in a place of brokenness because we are seeking the wrong thing(s) to be fixed. The good news is though you maybe broken you are never broken beyond repair. Let the potter put you back together again.

Looking Beyond The Surface

In January of 2014 I had to have a root canal which turned into three visits , 2 hours a piece and then they were still wanting  me to go to an oral surgeon for them to complete the root canal.   Due to the reoccurring pain that I was having they thought that I still might have a nerve that they were unable to find. I told them then just to go ahead and pull it out, that  I didn’t feel like it was worth saving.  They told me all the reasons they wanted me to try and save my tooth.  At that this point I really didn’t care. All that I had already been through was enough and I no longer wanted to be in pain. With feeling as if going to the oral surgeon would not help I made the decision to wait it out and see if maybe the symptoms would subside and the pain would go away. Months went by and  instead of the pain going away it begin to increase even more. So I went back to the dentist office and they did another xray and told me that they were going to have to pull out the tooth anyway. There was a cavity that was going down into the bone which probably  was the reason for my pain. I was so upset because they failed to tell me there was a cavity in the first place, that they didn’t see this before now, plus I had already told them from the the beginning to go ahead and pull my tooth out. So I went through all of that uncessary trama for nothing. It took them longer than expected to pull out my tooth because the roots were so big on this tooth that it took an act of Congress to get it out which ended in me having stiches. They were diffently right, the cavity  had actually started growing a hole in my tooth.  In life we spend much more of our time focusing on the symptoms that we ignore or never get to the real problem that created the symptoms anyway. The symptoms are only what surfaced from a problem that had been ignored, overlooked or was hidden because we chose not to confront it. The problem normally exist way before it surfaces. I believe the reason why we sometimes fail to go straight to the source is that we are afraid to confront some of those things because it could very well cause us to confront the “inname” Our perspective on what we see as the source of our problem ends up not being so much about others, but about us. We can never conquer the thing(s) we choose not to confront. It is when we can look past the surface and deal with the real source of our issues that we can walk in total freedom and victory.