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Keep Growing

The other day my girls and I were at the mall doing a little Christmas shopping and we happened to run into one of their friends from school. As they were talking about their grades he mentioned that he was a straight “A” student and thought about skipping school on Monday. Of course the mother in me steps in and says your going to skip school on Monday because of what?  He said, I am a straight “A” student.  Ok so that means what? He then replied, I thought that I would take a break. That is not an excuse for  you to become comfortable and to take it  easy. Nor should you stop trying. That is more of a reason why you should press harder so that you can maintain your status. Besides skipping school can also cause you to get into trouble. He smiled and said,  ok we will see. I said, ok so I’m going to be your mother at this moment.  Let me find out  you skipped school. We all started laughing, but they knew I was serious. I had to pick my daughter up from basketball practice on Monday and I happened to see him outside. I said I see you came to school today and we started laughing. It’s so easy to become comfortable in a good place, but it can also cause us to become lazy or get off track. We should never stop learning to the point where we think that we have arrived. If we stop learning, we stop growing and if we stop growing our life comes to a halt. Don’t let life just pass you by, keep growing. 

Not Just Yet


I was taking a walk outside of my house and as I was looking at my Dogwood Tree, the first thing that I noticed was something white hanging from the limb of the tree. As I looked closer it was a cocoon, and as I looked at it more I noticed that there was nothing in it. Of course the first thing that I started to do was look for a butterfly, right? I figured it shouldn’t be that far from it. When I looked to the right of the cocoon, I saw some thing that caught me by suprise. It was the caterpillar,  but it was dead. How odd. I had never seen that before. I have seen where they have died before the cocoon stage, but never in the process. The thought that came to mind is, “Don’t die in the process.” Sometimes life can be very frustrating and overwhelming at times. We can become so impatient to the point that we some how think that we can help God out. Trying to hurry up our process, we miss crucial steps. We think that we are helping, but to find out that it’s  only causing more delays. We think jumping ship would be the easy way out, when in actuality it’s holding us up and prolonging our route. God never promised that it would be easy, but he did promise to be with us every step of the way. We have to be willing to trust Him when He has us in that holding position or the cocoon stage of, “Just Wait”. It is in the waiting that God is building our character, strengthing our muscles, equipping and preparing us for what He has called us to be. Yeah! I know you feel isolated and alone, but it is in this stage that God is molding you and making you into what His image.If we would just take a moment and let Him teach us all the things that we need to learn. If you come out before you are fully developed you could take the chance of not only aborting the whole process, but killing yourself in the long run.

Caught Off Gaurd


Have you ever been driving and right before you are about to change lanes you had to immediately swing back over to your lane to save you from a head on collision because of the car that was in your blindside that you never saw coming? A blindside normally accures when something comes up along the side of you and you are unaware. Thank God that I had a quick reflex that kept me out of an accident. There are something’s in life that will catch us totally off guard because we never seen it coming and we end up hitting it head on. Sometimes the signs are there, but we either ignore them,  look over them  or we are looking in a totally different direction and we don’t even notice it and preced anyway because we think the path is clear. The good thing is, though something’s may catch us by surprise it doesn’t God because he already knows. No matter how many times in the life that we may make the wrong decisions that may lead us down the wrong path, it’s never to late for us to get back on course.  It may delay us to our destination, but we are never denied access. It is up to us to learn from our mistakes so that we want repeat them again and no matter how bad the damage and as painful as it might be, we are never damaged beyond repair. Take what you have learned from it  into the next season in life. Pay attention to the signs and make sure that your view is clear before proceeding to the other side.