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These Thorns

Have you ever had something that was so painful in your life that you would pray and ask God to remove it, but it just wouldn’t go away. It seemed the more you prayed about it the worst it would become.

If you would speak to the mountain it shall be removed. That’s what the word says right, but sometimes that mountain just would never move. After all in order for the mountain to be removed it still has to be within His will.

Could it be the very thing that you are asking God to remove is part of your process.

Today’s Word 



  • the free and unedited favor of God, as manifested in the salvation of sinners and the bestow aloft blessings

We don’t even deserve God’s grace, but because of His love for us He continues to give it us anyway.

My Grace is Sufficient 2 Corinthians 12:6-10


  • Divorce
  • Bad relationship
  • Betrayal
  • Guilt
  • Pain
  • Loss of a loved one
  • Road blocks
  • Finances
  • Church

These are just  a few of the thorns that we could be experiencing in our life, but no matter what we may be going through, His grace is sufficient for us.

God will sometimes take us through the wilderness experiences to see if we will trust Him. It could also be that when He takes you through and brings you out that no one else will be able to get the glory but Him. Everything that we go through and experience is part of God’s purpose for our life. Can we trust Him even when we can’t see?

Let your conversation be without covetousness; and be content with such things as ye have: for he hath said, I will never leave thee, nor forsake thee” Hebrew 13:5

Maybe our prayer should no longer be, “Lord remove these thorns”, but “Lord give me the grace to go through it”

The Lord is My Shepherd “Psalm 23”

When David was going through his valley experience he never prayed for God to take him out of it, but he prayed what God would do while he was going through it.  He knew that no matter what he had to endure that it was only temporary and that God was always with him.

As painful as thorns can be, yet the most beautiful things are produced because of the them.  Roses are one of the most beautifulest flowers in the world and it grows within thorns.  When someone wants to show affection for someone they  are normally presented with roses.

Be encouraged in knowing that no matter your thorn God is with you and that it is only temporary. Go ahead and bloom!


“Safe In His Arms” Lucinda Moore

Because the Lord is my shepherd
I have everything I need
He lets me rest in the meadows grass
And He leads me besides the quiet stream
He restores my failing hands
And helps me to do what honors
That’s why I’m safe
Safe in His arms

When the storm of life is raging
And the billows roll
So glad He shall hide me
Safe in His arms

So glad, He shall hide me

Safe in His arms

For Every Mountain

 Indescribable by Kiki Sheard

As I was traveling today and I was coming down the mountains as if to go into the valley, there were several things that I noticed.1. How windy and narrow the roads were.2. The barriers and fences they had over certain parts of the rocks to protect the road in case of an avelanche.3. The closer I got to the valley which almost seemed to be in the heart or middle of the mountain felt like they were closing in on me and I started feeling smothered as if I couldn’t breath. The mountains seemed right on top of me and I became overwhelmed almost to the point of fear.4. Half way down the mountain my check engine light came on and my car began to sputter when my speed got up to 50 – 70.  I prayed Lord please let me make it safe to my destination. Nothing like already going through and now here comes something else out of no where.5. As I began to get back on level ground the mountains that seemed to be on top of me I could now see them at a distance, the roads straightened out and that changed the way I felt. My breathing changed, I no longer felt overwhelmed or had any fear. Even though it didn’t solve the fact that my engine light was still on, I was closer to my destination than I was before and I had a sense of peace.In life we will have experiences that will almost seem like we are on a roller coaster ride, but we can’t stop in middle of it we have to keep going. It is what we do in the midst of it that will sometimes determine the outcome. We will come up against some mountains or giants, but God has given us everything we need to fight and to overcome them all. Just like the barriers they had to protect the highway in case of a rock slide are some of the barriers God will put in our lives to protect us. We have to trust God even when we don’t understand. Life circumstances are only temporary, but with every challenge He will give us away of escape. God will sometimes use the engine light, caution lights, red signals as a warning sign. How often do we pay attention to them? A lot of times we will go right by them or ignore the signs and then when something happens we question God when He already forewarned us but we chose to ignore the warning signs.#CLEANTHISHOUSE