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Unlocking Your Potential


“Jesus said unto him, If you can believe; all things are possible to him who believes”

Mark 9:23

Lack of Power Mark 9:14-29


  • The fact or state of being possible
  • Something that is possible
  • One that is capable or of being made real
  • Potentially for favorable or interesting results

The other day I was watching the Iron Man, which I have seen multiple times, but this time God showed me something that I had never  noticed before. This was the beginning of Iron Man and how he became who he was created to be.

He inherited a multi-million dollar company that was passed on to him after the death of his father. He was then expected to live out the legacy of his father, but not what was on the inside of him. His fathers best friend who was helping with the company had corrupted the company and even set out to kill him so that he wouldn’t find out and then inheriate the company for himself. He didn’t know until he almost lost his life.

The very thing that tried to kill you, can also be the very thing that saves your life

It was through this life experience that he was changed and he realized who he was created to be.  Against all odds and against what others wanted him to do or be, when he tapped into his potential he didn’t allow anything to hold him back to where they left him.

People will expect you to be where they dropped you, but they don’t realize that by the time they try to come through looking for you again (the old you), you will no longer be in that place where they left you. And they have the nerve to even get mad. lol

Potential known, but never realized is like a dream that never comes true

He knew that he had potential, but never realized his true potential until this life experience altered his perspective and the way he thought about things.

There were three things that I noticed that he had to do in order to accomplish his goal.

  1. hide “He that dwelleth in the secret place” Pslams 91:1  He got out of the eye of the public and went down into his secret room where he works. Sometimes we have to let go of some people and things so God can do the work within us.
  2. focused “Seek ye first the Kingdom” Matthew 6:33 He didn’t let others, but those he trusted know what he was working on. Even in the ones he told, he told them very little.  He wouldn’t stop until it was just right.  And when it didn’t work he went back to the drawing board.  It is hard to focus and complete anyone thing if our hand is in too many pots.
  3. finish it “Being confident in this one thing” Philippians 1:6  He didn’t let anyone persuade and deter him from what he knew he needed to do. He was confident, he didn’t give up when it seemed hard, her perservered and he didn’t stop until it was complete. Even upon completetion he still continued to build upon it and improve himself.

Everyone has potential, but most of the time the potential is never brought to fruition because we are looking to the wrong source or in the wrong things. Until you let go the of the expectations of other people, you will never be able to live out what God has called and created you to be.

When you can tap into what God’s plan is for your life, there is nothing that can hinder nor stop you unless you allow it to.

God will always finish what he has started, but we have participate in the process and do the work.  Somethings are never completed or have not yet come to past, not always due to the things that have happened in our life, but because we want to do our part.

“Faith without works is dead” James 2:26

Live out your full potential in God. GO AFTER IT!!!!! 

Song List

Fighters by Cheryl Fortune

I’m here to

Speak hope to you

If I made it

You can make it too

You may feel like, life is over

I won’t let you go

Together we’ll make it through

We fighters

Never gonna give up, never gonna give up

I’ll take your hands and you’ll take mine

We’ll through this like life

We’re fighters


Alive in Him


I AM dead to sin and alive to God in Christ
Romans 6:1-11 “Likewise reckon ye also yourselves to be dead indeed unto sin, but alive unto God through Jesus Christ our Lord”

When I accepted Jesus Christ into my life as my personal Savior not only was I forgiven of sin, but I made him Lord over my life. I gave him full control and reign. As a daughter of the King that means I now have to walk in the image of my father and though his grace is sufficient for me, but it doesn’t give me the right to take advantage of it nor give me the right to do what I want to do. Every day I have to continue to die to myself (my flesh), I have to turn over my will to his. There is a war going on within me between my flesh and my spirit and the one I continue to strengthen will overcome and win. Even in times when I become weak the strength of the Lord sustains me to do his will. We think it’s sooo hard to serve him, but it’s much harder to recover when we continue in sin. As a reflection of the King as he is than so am I. I am alive and I am free. Though I am not all the way there yet and eventhough I struggle and I make mistakes I don’t stay where I am. Every day I continue to strive to be the image of my father because I AM the daughter of the King.

The Mind of Christ


When I have been burned, cut or had an accident that has caused some sort of pain, my 1st instinct is to try to find the source of where the pain is coming from, do what is needed to stop the pain and go through the healing process so I can get better. Yet our1st instinct when someone has hurt us is to retaliate. What can I do to make them hurt the way they hurt me? Pulls us out of character to the point that we become foolish. Retaliate 1st and recover later. What we don’t realize is that when operating in that manner we not only afflict more pain on ourselves, but cause the recovery time to become longer. Although there are different sources of pain you would think the methods would be the same. Find the source, address it’s need, heal from it and avoid it from reaccuring. But how many times do we find ourselves right back in the same place that hurt us the 1st time. Becoming addicted to the pain is not only scary but a dangerous place to be in. God did not call us to live a life status of a “Victim” Philippians 2:5 “Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus” Having the mind of Christ means there has to be a transformation which can only be done when we our minds are being renewed by the word of God. Just like we get up everyday and put on our clothes, we have to clothe ourselves with the word of God. The word of God has to become a life style. You have to put it into action in order for it to work.  Yes! We all have our moments, but it shouldn’t become our excuse. When we have the mind of Christ we no longer think and operate out of our flesh, but by his Spirit. So no matter the source of our pain our method changes from retaliate to trusting and allowing God to lead us in what we do and say.

You Can Begin Again

A little over a year now the Lord allowed me to build my very first home.  The process began in 7/2012.  I had just finalized my divorce in Oct/2011 that left me as a single parent to raise 3 kids living in a 2 bedroom apartment with very little room.  When I was presented with this opportunity to build the first thing I did was go pray about it and the Lord said, yes.  As a single mother I still had reservations, “Can I really do this”, but God said that I could so I moved forward.  They explained the process that we would have to go through in order to build the home and even though they explained the process in detail nothing prepared me for the experience that I would have to endure.  It wasn’t the fact of me just building one home, but building 6 from the ground up. Though the process was long and very painful I would question my decision as I found myself wanting to give up because at time it was unbearable, but I kept thinking about why I was doing it.  It was to be able to provide something better for my girls and it made me continue in the process. When the process was over and I was handed the keys to move into my new home it made me appreciate my experience after going through the process not only because of what I learned, but the end result was more than I could have ever imagined. In life there are processes that we have to endure that don’t feel good at all, but it is necessary for our making. Think of what you have become after going through what you have gone through. Imagine had I quit in the middle of the process of me building the homes and then trying to start over again. It wouldn’t have been as easy the second time around and it probably would have been much harder for me to endure the process. As the New Year begins I have realized that I don’t need a New Beginning. Simply take everything that I have experienced and everything that I have learned up until this point and us it as a foundation to BEGIN AGAIN right where I am. No matter how hurtful, how painful or how harsh it maybe you can use it for your advantage and turn your negatives into positives that will launch you further into your destiny. So my New Years Resolution is not to start a new or to start over but to simply BEGAN AGAIN


Moving Forward by Israel Houghton
It’s A New Season by Martha Munizzi and Israel Houghton
I woke up this morning and as the tears began to fill my pillow I found myself dealing with so many mixed emotions. I couldn’t believe that what seemed so far away is actually here, but while at the same time the things that I thought would last forever have come to a close. I realized that as I go through this transition there are somethings that I am going to have to deal with as I am mentally, emotionally and physically closing out somethings before entering into this next season. Transition is closing of one season and the opening of another. Transition is not always easy because in order for you to walk fully into the next season WE have to bring closure to what was to be able to properly transition. If we don’t we will enter into our next season with our last. Deal with whatever or whomever hurt you, caused you pain, the things that didn’t work out, whatever the thing(s) you may have loss. What was is no longer. A lot of us physically move forward but mentally and emotionally we are still trapped in yesterday. Whatever you have to do to bring closure, do it. Do it so you can be delivered,  be set free, live in peace and  walk in TOTAL VICTORY in this next season. Bitter sweet moment, but I’m dealing with it and I’m leaving it all at the foot of Jesus Christ. Better days are ahead and I’m moving foward.#CLEANTHISHOUSE