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The Developer

    Never Be The Same By Shana Wilson

    When I look at the technology that we have now it makes me wonder how did we ever do without it. Even with the best of techno L ogy it isn’t perfect and it doesn’t always work properly. You can’t even imagine how many recalls, how many times they’ve had to go back to the drawing board or how many times it’s been completely taken apart, but to only start over again. I remember when we use to have cameras and you would have to take the roll of film in to be developed. On the film you could see the image of a picture, but it was only a glance of what it appeared to be. You could only guess what it turn out to look like according to the image that you could see and what you might remember it to be until it was developed. Once the picture was developed it turned out to be more than what you could ever think or image. They say a picture has a thousand words. It was “picture perfect”. It had to go through the process before it was developed into it’s true state or identity. Sometimes it take us failing many times just to get that one thing right, but how awesome it turns out to be once completed. Every mistake, every mishap, ever wrong or bad decision, flaws and all the developer (God) will take every (-) negative film and develop it into a (+) positive picture. Instead of working against you they are all working for you. “The Lord will perfect that which concerneth me; thy mercy, O alord, endure the forever: forsake not the words of thine own hands” Psalm 138:8 We have to trust the developer (God) enough to make us “picture perfect” #CLEANTHISHOUSE