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Don’t Sale Yourself Short


I was having a conversation with my daughter yesterday and she asked me the question, Mom if you could buy a tablet for $50 or $60 would you? I then replied, No. She then asked me, Why not? I said, Something’s aren’t worth getting at a cheaper price because they don’t last long. She said, Ok.
Don’t get me wrong I am a bargain shopper and love looking for a sale anyway that I can. You know the saying though, “You get what you pay for (invest in) it. If I am going to spend my money or invest my time into something I want it to be worth it. Will what I have invested in last me a long time or will it last forever. As I get older I am wiser at the things I invest in. I need something that has quality, it is durable, it is strong and stands for something. I guess when you have wasted most of your life investing in the wrong things you only invest in the things that will bring longevity to your life, it will add and not take away, it will build you up and not tear you down, it has meaning. Be careful what and who you invest yourself in and don’t sale yourself short. You deserve the very best. YOU ARE WORTH IT!