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It’s Only An End To A Beginning

In every story book there is a beginning and there is an end. In every story there is usually more than one chapter and with every chapter one is ending and a new one begins; however, there are times when the next chapter will be continous from the previous chapter, but yet no two chapters are ever the same.  There are some chapters that you may experience the joys and sorrows, the heartaches and pains. It will sometimes make you happy, laugh or cry and at times you may become angry. No matter the roller coaster of emotions you may experience through out the story if it is something that has grabbed your attention normally by the end of the story you would say, “Now that was a good book”. The only difference in the books that we read and our life story is that it’s true and we are the author of what we write.  Have you ever been reading a book that the chapter (s) were so good  that you had to go back and read it again? Or maybe it made you feel some kinda way, maybe you lost interest and were unable to move past where you were. We can become this way in life that we become stuck at the beginning and we are unable to make it to the end.  We can tend to focus only on the bad things  with in our life story that we forgot about all the good things that have happened or we have experienced that should be able to give us lasting memories,but we allow our worst days to be what’s lasting in our thoughts. God has so much more in store for us if we we could only change our frame of mind.  As we continually grow and if we are wise we are able to continually build upon each one and turn our chapters around.  Everyone may not know the details of our story but they will be able to see it through our lives.  Though that chapter in your life has ended  new life is beginning and the story continues. As you began again flip the page “WHAT’S COMING IS BETTER”