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Beauty Marks

“And they overcame by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto death.”

Revelation 12:11

I wonder how many of us have carried things alone because of our fear of what other people may think.  Not knowing who to trust with our issues. Thinking no one would understand or be able to help. Maybe you trusted someone, and they dropped you. So, instead of getting the help you so desperately needed you continued to suffer in silence.

I have made so many bad decisions because I allowed the opinion of other people to rule my life. I am grateful that God is delivering me from the opinion of other people and allowing me to walk boldly in the freedom in which he has given me.  I can do this the more I rely on His strength and direction and knowing who I am in him.

” I can do all things through Christ that strengthens”

Philippians 4:13

We are all imperfect people. So, no matter our religious beliefs, the color of our skin, or our sexual orientation God still loves us, and his desire is that we all be made whole and set free. We are all fighting our own demons whether we want to admit it or not. It is a daily walk, and we are always in need of his grace.

The thing about scars is that it shows the Glory of God and what he can do in our lives if we allow him to. Some of us are still healing from scars that have left us wounded, hurt, and broken. The good news is that God can still heal, deliver, and set us free from the things that have continued to keep us in bondage.

Scars are evidence that God is still working in our lives

Some of our scars have been embarrassing. We have experienced some very painful moments that go deep. We should be embracing our scars but instead we have become ashamed of them due to the condemnation that can come from other people. Gods loves for us is unconditional despite our history. Scars show the power of God working in our life. They are evidence of the things we have conquered, what we have overcome and survived through.

No matter how far you have come there will always be people who will try to remind you of where you have been but the one thing they will never be able take away from you is what God has done in your life because of it.  Let that be your point of reference and a place to focus.

We have nothing to be ashamed of because the blood of Jesus Christ covers all our scar’s past, present, and future. The testimony of my scars is a sign that you too can recover. So, I wear my scars proudly because I know that nobody, but God could do that for me.

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Pressing My Way Wednesday


John 10:10

“The theif cometh not, but for to steal, kill and destroy; I came that they might have life, and may have it abundantly”

When you look at the anatomy of an egg it has 8 layers.  The outer layer which is it’s shell protects you from getting to the inside of it.  In order to get to the inside you would have to literally break it open.  Though it’s outer shell can become cracked it can still stay in tack due to the layers that is underneath it’s shell. Even if the egg becomes broken it can still be used.  When an egg is boiled it increases the strength in the layers of the egg and makes it even harder for you to get into.  Even if you crack the egg you still have to peel back it’s shell and break into it’s other layers before you could ever get to the center of the egg.  The enemies job is to keep what’s on the inside of you from growing and being produced. In order for him to even destroy what’s on the inside of you he would have to breakthrough the many layers of you which is your mind, your heart and break your spirit. He knows if you ever produce what is on the inside of you his kingdom would be destroyed.  The more that you strengthen your inner man it becomes harder for him to break through in your life. A long this journey you may become cracked, but  it is from the cracks in life that we draw strength and builds up our resistance.  In time all wounds heal.  Though they may leave a scar it is an outward testimony that you survived and have overcome a fall.  The thing about the fall is that you may have become cracked, but your not easily broken.

The Testimony of My Scars

I had just finished cooking dinner and as we were getting ready to sit down to eat all of a sudden I hear this cry. I looked up and it  was my baby girl who instead of coming to tell me what was wrong she tried to go upstairs to take care of it. I immediately asked her what was wrong? Her sister said that she had cut her finger and you need to see it.  I asked her to let me take a look at it and when she had pulled back the paper towel it was more than I could have ever imagined. There was blood coming from the finger she had cut and it looked as if she had taken a big chunk out of it.  I asked her what happened and she said that she was trying to cut open her icy that she had made. I didn’t hesitate with what to do. I wrapped it back up and said let’s go, we are going to the emergency room because I already knew she would have to have stitches.  I was trying to make sure everyone stayed calm including me, although on the inside my heart was beating fast because that is my daughter and I don’t like to see when my children are hurt and they are suffering.  I had them to take their dinner with them so they could eat it along the way.  Of course my baby girl was still crying, but I kept trying to reassure her that she was going to be ok. I would hug her tight whenever I had the chance.  As we were on the way I noticed it was a little after 7:00 and thought about my Doctors office which was still open. I decided to call and to see if they would be able to work her in so we wouldn’t have to go to the ER and sit their for hours.  They said that they would see her and take a look at it.  We got there and after they looked at it said that they were going to be to able to fix her up. As I had thought she was going to have to get at least 4 stitches. Of course she was not happy about that, but the Doctor reassured her that she was going to be ok.  She talked her through every process and even let her pick out her own color stitches. The hardest part was that they were going to have to stick a needle in her wound to numb it. Not just once, but 3 times. She immediately started crying even harder because she has never been able to handle needles. The Doctor kept reassuring her and I told her I was right there and she could squeeze my hand. Each time the Doctor put in the needle I held her tight and told her to squeeze my hand as she let out a big scream and cried. She burried her head into my chest and I looked straight up to the ceiling.  Now that was tough. All I could see was blood and a swollen finger and I kept praying.  The last thing I needed to do was pass out. The worst part of it was over and it was now time to put the stitches in.  The Doctor began to talk to her about the next progress. She told her because she had a very clean cut they wouldn’t have to do any special repairs, that it would heal up just fine and that it wouldn’t take long.  You might say well

what happen to her sister during this time? She decided to wait outside because she couldn’t bear to see her in pain. She would periodically come in and check on her and right back out the door she went. It was finally over and the Doctor gave us instructions on how to keep it clean and when she needed to come back to have the stitches removed. We told her how proud we were of her because she really did good. I explained to her on the way home that she didn’t ever need to try to hide what she had done  because it was an accident, it could have gotten infected which would have made it worst.  They say that in time all wounds heal. You can normally tell by the type of cut what kind of scar it will leave, although there are some cuts that will leave an internal scar that can’t be seen from the outside. We tend to hide our scars out of fear of what others may think, embarrassment or the memory of how the scar even got there. No matter how ugly your scar it’s nothing to be ashamed of. It is what it is a scar and the scar(s) are only a testimony of the thing(s) that should have killed you, BUT yet you survived instead. We all have a story to tell and it is the tesimony of our scars that could help save someone else’s life.