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Turn It Around Tuesday


Romans 8:28

” And we know that all things work together for good to them who love God, to them who are called according to His purpose”

God knows I love me some sweets. Sweets are my weakness. I will eat them all day, every day and even before my meal or as a substitute. Oh and don’t let me get a sweet tooth, it is OVER.  I’m not supposed to eat homemade cakes or any cakes for  that matter due to my gluten allergy, but when my sister makes a cake I just have to have a piece or two.  I used to love to make desserts and now I just let my sister make them. Depending on what you are making it may require a lot of ingredients and you will definitely need to know what you are doing. People that really know how to cook will add their little flavor to it, but there are certain main ingredients that you have to have in order for it to work together the way that you want it to. If one of the main ingredients is left out it is guaranteed not to work . It is easy to quote and
pull out our favorite parts of the scripture, but if we leave any of it off the scripture will not work no matter how many times we quote them. So in order for things to work for our good we have to #1 love God. How do we love God, by accepting his Son, keeping his commandments and by the life that we live. “Actions speak louder than words” # 2 to them who are called according to His purpose. HIS PURPOSE  which means that it has to line up with his will and not ours. Can God turn it around for you? Absolutely , but you have to meet the requirements (do your part) in order for it to all work together for your good. Just like making that cake, if any of the main ingredients are not added or if they are taken away you will not produce the cake that you want. If you are looking for God to turn something’s around in your life examine yourself today and make sure you’re not leaving anything out.



When there are two individuals who happen to view something differently, in which most cases you will it doesn’t make one of you wrong or the other one right. It is just that you are two individuals that happen to see something differently. The true test of love is when you are able to work through your differences and not make the other person feel lesser than you because their process or way of thinking is different than yours. Don’t be so willing to pack up your bags and call it quits. I promise you it won’t be the last time that it will happen and even if you decide to move on there will be differences that you will have to work through there too. It’s not that your are loosing who you are, but your are gaining a greater in sight to who they are. It should be because of your differences that you find a greater love for each other. It’s not just about “Me or I”, but about “Us and We” and as you learn each other, the more that you will grow together. Instead of seeing through the eyes of two you will begin to see through the eyes of one while yet being an individual and staying true to who you are as a person. #truelovewaits