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Looking Beyond The Surface

In January of 2014 I had to have a root canal which turned into three visits , 2 hours a piece and then they were still wanting  me to go to an oral surgeon for them to complete the root canal.   Due to the reoccurring pain that I was having they thought that I still might have a nerve that they were unable to find. I told them then just to go ahead and pull it out, that  I didn’t feel like it was worth saving.  They told me all the reasons they wanted me to try and save my tooth.  At that this point I really didn’t care. All that I had already been through was enough and I no longer wanted to be in pain. With feeling as if going to the oral surgeon would not help I made the decision to wait it out and see if maybe the symptoms would subside and the pain would go away. Months went by and  instead of the pain going away it begin to increase even more. So I went back to the dentist office and they did another xray and told me that they were going to have to pull out the tooth anyway. There was a cavity that was going down into the bone which probably  was the reason for my pain. I was so upset because they failed to tell me there was a cavity in the first place, that they didn’t see this before now, plus I had already told them from the the beginning to go ahead and pull my tooth out. So I went through all of that uncessary trama for nothing. It took them longer than expected to pull out my tooth because the roots were so big on this tooth that it took an act of Congress to get it out which ended in me having stiches. They were diffently right, the cavity  had actually started growing a hole in my tooth.  In life we spend much more of our time focusing on the symptoms that we ignore or never get to the real problem that created the symptoms anyway. The symptoms are only what surfaced from a problem that had been ignored, overlooked or was hidden because we chose not to confront it. The problem normally exist way before it surfaces. I believe the reason why we sometimes fail to go straight to the source is that we are afraid to confront some of those things because it could very well cause us to confront the “inname” Our perspective on what we see as the source of our problem ends up not being so much about others, but about us. We can never conquer the thing(s) we choose not to confront. It is when we can look past the surface and deal with the real source of our issues that we can walk in total freedom and victory.

Can’t Touch This

Jesus You Are by April Nevels

Yesterday I was half way through getting my root canal done and I could start feeling some of the pain and the pressure of them working on my tooth. At this point my mouth had already been open for an hour. I could feel the numbing wearing off and some tingling through my face. I raised my hand so they would know I could feel the pain and they would need to apply more numbing medication. I have always considered myself to have a low tolerance of pain, but you never know how much pain you can endure until the pressure has been applied. It will really show you what you are made off. They would always ask how I was doing as pressure was being applied and encouraged me along the way to let me know how good I was doing. I had already formed a false perception on this visit due to my prior experience with having a root canal. Though the procedure was the same the technique was different. When they pulled out the nerve and the pulp they stood in amazement because it was very rare that they would see a nerve in one piece. Normally they come out in many pieces. They even took a picture of it because they just couldn’t believe what they saw. I am reminded of the passage in the bible Daniel 3 where Nebuchadnezer threw Shadrach, Meshach and
Abed-Nego in the fiery furnace because they refused to serve their God or bow down to the golden images. No matter how much they increased the fire they were untouched and when they came out the fourth person that was walking with them was the Son of God. God reminded me at that moment that no matter how hot the fire, how much it intensifies or how great the pain that He can and will bring you out unharmed. They say if you don’t stand for something you will fall for anything. No matter what you are facing if you continue to trust God and not bow down He will bring you out alright. Though you’ve been through the fire thank God you don’t look like what you’ve been through. #CLEANTHISHOUSE

Get To The Root Of It

God Restores by Darwin Hobbs

In November 2013 I was scheduled for a root canal. My tooth was becoming sensitive to things that were cold and then it broke off in between two of my teeth which added a great deal of pain. So I went to the dentist and they did an X-Ray on my tooth which showed that I had an infection that went all the way down to the root. They then told me that I would have to have a root canal. In doing so they would have to open the center of my tooth and pull out the nerve that would cause the pain to go away and stop any further damage. This would take up to 3 visits and 2 hours per visit. They wanted to 1st give me an antibiotic that would stop the infection. That in itself was going to be a challenge being that I don’t like to take medicine and will seldom finish it, but take it enough to where I thought it had cleared up. When they told me that I was going to have a root canal I immediately started to cringe because I reflected back to my last experience of having a root canal. Needless to say I reschedule it to the beginning of the year. I wished later that I would have went ahead and gone through with it because things didn’t get better they in fact became worst. I was hurting so bad that some days I would have pain that would radiate to my head that would cause me to have a headache. Until I dealt with the root of my problem I would continue to struggle with the pain. A lot of things that we are dealing with now were passed down through generation and until we are willing to trace it back to it’s root, where it began we will continue to struggle in that area of our lives. We can’t just cut it off at the stem because it will have tendency to grow back, but we must pull it up from the root. We have to 1. Recognize there is a problem 2. Where did it come from 3. Deal with it The more that you mask or cover up the symptom (s) the more imbedded they become. The longer and harder it sometimes becomes to be healed and delivered from it. Wilt thou be made whole? Pull it up from the root and walk in total victory. #CLEANTHISHOUSE