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Are You Fully Covered?


Yesterday I had to put my car in the shop because my window fell down into the door. It was so jammed inside that they couldn’t even get the panel open. I had just gotten the dealership to fix it a couple of months ago because the motor went out on both sides of the car. Those were not cheap at all. They said, “We will probably need to keep it a couple of days, so we can set you up with a rental car.”  Because they didn’t have any rentals on site they had to use an outside source. When I got to the rental place they failed to tell me all the stuff that I would need like my car insurance information, a deposit and the dealership had it as if I was paying for it when I wasn’t. So as if that wasn’t frustrating enough I called my car insurance to get all the information they needed only to find out that after all these years that I have been paying insurance I wasn’t fully covered. They had me under liability only. RIGHT! I said , “Lord I’m going to need your help today” Luckly I was able to get everything fixed and I had never been in a wreck. God had me covered. It made me think about how people walk around in life uncovered. No morales or values. Could care less if they live or die. No hope at all. I remember one day I was that way until I meet Jesus and made Him Lord over my life. He changed my life forever. When I accepted Him as my Savior I became fully covered under the blood. I became a daughter of the King, joint heir to the throne. What He owns now also belongs to me. The  thorns on his head keeps my in perfect peace when my mind is stayed on him. The blood that he shed covers and protects me from danger seen and unseen. He gave His life that freed me from bondage and sin. It allowed me to walk in freedom and to live life more abundately. Because I accepted Him as Lord over my life if I die today my soul will live forever with Him in paradise. Don’t walk around life under covered. Jesus Christ is life guaranteed.

Delayed But NOT Denied

What’s Coming Is Better by Deon Kipping

He Will Do by Deon Kipping

As I was looking out the window today and I was pondering on somethings I found myself questioning God, Lord how much longer do I have to wait? Have you ever been right at the threshold, but for God to say not yet. You can see it on the other side of the glass and God says, wait just a little while longer. What seemed so far away is now standing in your face, but yet you haven’t been granted the access to enter in. We live in a microwave generation where we want everything now and don’t want to wait for anything. There were times I was stuck in traffic and how impatient I would become because I had somewhere to be, but to later come across an accident. Standing in a grocery line that would just not move,  but someone in the parking lot just got robbed. We may never understand the reason for waiting, but we must trust God still.  “Be not weary in well-doing, for in due season you will reap if you faint not” Gal 6:9 When God has us in awaiting or holding position it is because it isn’t time yet. It’s not that we have been denied access, but only delayed. He’s preparing us for something that we can’t handle right now. While in waiting it’s so easy to lose hope,to give up, become discouraged, to turn around and go back to the familiar. The process is necessary so don’t give up, don’t lose heart. He will do just what He said. #CLEANTHISHOUSE