I never thought that I would be going through divorce, a single mother again, no church to call home or to own my own home alone. I realized that as I am going through this transition there are some things that I am going to have to deal with mentally, emotionally and physically. Before I can enter a new season, I must properly close out the last one.

Transition is the closing of one season and the opening of another. Transition isn’t always easy. For us to walk fully into the next season, we must bring closure to what was, so that when we enter our new season we don’t go in carrying baggage.

Go with me along this journey as God reveals to us how we can forgive, be free and stay free, love again and regain the very thing that we lost. I hope you will find the courage to #CLEANTHISHOUSE

Stay tuned for my 1st up coming book #CLEANTHISHOUSE #NEWLIFE #FaithgirlTreva

Graphic Designer: Chelsie Gregory/Rae Design

CLEAN THIS HOUSE Song by Isaac Carree


I’m calling on you heavenly Father. I’m down on my knees. You said call on you no matter the hour, Lord I’m in need. I’ve been messing up , done lost my house, done lost my job, wife walking out? These church fold say they my friends, but I’m all they talk about. I’ve been doing wrong, I’m so sorry Lord please forgive me

We confess to him he’ll remove all wickedness, the blood from your son will wash me from my sins

Clean this house, from he inside out. Restore me, take away my impurity.  Lord I nee you to, Clean this house from the inside out. Restore me, take away my impurity.

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