What’s In Your Garden

Mary, Mary quite contrary, tell me how does your garden grow?

I’m finally starting to see some life being produced from my garden. Something’s were planted last year and something’s a couple of months ago. Every seed that is sown doesn’t produce at the same time. They each have their own time in which you will see evidence. Some of them I never noticed they had grown until oneday I happened to look in that direction and said, “Now where did that come from all of a sudden”. I never even watered it, but it still has grown and is strong. Some of them I have had to water every other day so the roots can set beneath the soil. The fact that the buds are beginning to blossom means that it’s working. It’s going to take a lot of work, but anything worth having is worth the time, energy and investment in order for it to grow and then doing what it takes to maintain it so it will stay healthy and continue to grow strong.In your garden you will sometimes produce seeds that you didn’t sow for. I realized that when cutting my grass there are some weeds that are constantly growing. Though some of them are beautiful because they actually look like flowers if not cut off at the root they will spread and can be deadly to other things that I am growing. There are some seeds that have been planted that you need to keep, but you need to let it grow to maturity before uprooting and replanting so that it will survive. Good seeds produced in it’s proper season can be benefical. My daddy said that I have a couple of cherry trees growning. I said, “Well how do you know?” I can tell by it’s leaves. His advice was to keep watering and let them grow a little before replanting them. One plants, one waters, but God gives the increase. #CLEANTHISHOUSE

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