You Can Begin Again

A little over a year now the Lord allowed me to build my very first home.  The process began in 7/2012.  I had just finalized my divorce in Oct/2011 that left me as a single parent to raise 3 kids living in a 2 bedroom apartment with very little room.  When I was presented with this opportunity to build the first thing I did was go pray about it and the Lord said, yes.  As a single mother I still had reservations, “Can I really do this”, but God said that I could so I moved forward.  They explained the process that we would have to go through in order to build the home and even though they explained the process in detail nothing prepared me for the experience that I would have to endure.  It wasn’t the fact of me just building one home, but building 6 from the ground up. Though the process was long and very painful I would question my decision as I found myself wanting to give up because at time it was unbearable, but I kept thinking about why I was doing it.  It was to be able to provide something better for my girls and it made me continue in the process. When the process was over and I was handed the keys to move into my new home it made me appreciate my experience after going through the process not only because of what I learned, but the end result was more than I could have ever imagined. In life there are processes that we have to endure that don’t feel good at all, but it is necessary for our making. Think of what you have become after going through what you have gone through. Imagine had I quit in the middle of the process of me building the homes and then trying to start over again. It wouldn’t have been as easy the second time around and it probably would have been much harder for me to endure the process. As the New Year begins I have realized that I don’t need a New Beginning. Simply take everything that I have experienced and everything that I have learned up until this point and us it as a foundation to BEGIN AGAIN right where I am. No matter how hurtful, how painful or how harsh it maybe you can use it for your advantage and turn your negatives into positives that will launch you further into your destiny. So my New Years Resolution is not to start a new or to start over but to simply BEGAN AGAIN

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