Delayed But NOT Denied

What’s Coming Is Better by Deon Kipping

He Will Do by Deon Kipping

As I was looking out the window today and I was pondering on somethings I found myself questioning God, Lord how much longer do I have to wait? Have you ever been right at the threshold, but for God to say not yet. You can see it on the other side of the glass and God says, wait just a little while longer. What seemed so far away is now standing in your face, but yet you haven’t been granted the access to enter in. We live in a microwave generation where we want everything now and don’t want to wait for anything. There were times I was stuck in traffic and how impatient I would become because I had somewhere to be, but to later come across an accident. Standing in a grocery line that would just not move,  but someone in the parking lot just got robbed. We may never understand the reason for waiting, but we must trust God still.  “Be not weary in well-doing, for in due season you will reap if you faint not” Gal 6:9 When God has us in awaiting or holding position it is because it isn’t time yet. It’s not that we have been denied access, but only delayed. He’s preparing us for something that we can’t handle right now. While in waiting it’s so easy to lose hope,to give up, become discouraged, to turn around and go back to the familiar. The process is necessary so don’t give up, don’t lose heart. He will do just what He said. #CLEANTHISHOUSE

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